Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Tips when Christmas shopping with a family

Hey guys how amazing is this time of year in my opinion it's the best, the weather in the UK is literally bang on for the Christmas period but I've got a feeling when Christmas arrives all the snow and ice will all be a long gone slushy mess. So if like me you love Christmas here are some of my tips for shopping and on a budget when getting gifts for your friends and family.

As a busy working mum of three I don't get too much free time and therefore trips into all the shops is not as often as it used to be but I do it, I also really like internet shopping, although if your a fan of feeling clothes for quality or swatching a lipstick first before you buy then maybe that won't be your favourite.  But if you know what you want and can order it easily turn internet shopping is great so back to the tips.

1. If you buy a gift set you can split the items and buy either a gift bag or box add tissue into it and add other little items to bulk it up and create a little bespoke gift with lots of thought but you can do it reasonably priced,

2. Sounds simple but when your rushing to get presents and ticking off your list for your children, friends, family always shop around even if your in a store go to others and price match, and if your shopping online also do that as you may find it cheaper else where,

3. Three for Two offers are amazing lots of stores offer these and I generally do this as I'd rather have something left over gift wise as generally I forget someone so I'm not caught short.

4. Shop when the stores advertise there offers, this means advertised you will see department stores may have a 30% off Friday or a weekend of 10% off generally Debenhams, House of Fraser and New Look etc are pretty good for these.

5. Make a list and generally stick to it, I make a list of everything I'm going to buy for my children and friends and family.  I'm not saying I don't add to it, but generally I do my best to not so that I don't stray away and buy things I didn't mean to.

6. If you can don't go panic buying on Christmas Eve as your head will be in a flurry and you may buy things that you know people won't like or use but just buy it to get a present,

7. If you know what your children want get it straight away as if you leave it I guarantee the next time you go to get it they will be sold out.  Yes it's happened to me many a time.

8. If you can't afford it don't get it, little kids would prefer loads of little things that say three expensive things, it's all down to what a child sees and trust me volume matters to little ones.

And last not but not least enjoy yourself, have fun with the wrapping and family time ....

Monday, 20 November 2017

My baby's week away with school

I'm literally writing this on the weekend before my baby actually goes away, so as you may be reading this my nose will be buried in a tissue waving my baby off on the coach for his week away with the school then I will be heading to work miserable as miserable can be.
The reason I'm writing it now is my anxiety is high today thinking about him going away and it might resonate with other parents if you read this.

So let's get to it first of all my "baby" is not technically a baby he's 9 years old, so not a baby at all, he's just the baby of the family as he's my youngest, he's actually quite a confident little boy who has lots of friends and according to his friends he's just so funny.  So really this is a lot about me as his mother and maybe not as much about his ability to not be with me.

My middle child is nearly 13 years old and when he went on the same school trip at the age my littlest is now I still felt sad my son was going away for the week when he went those years ago,  but I didn't feel like this on him, so why do I feel like this now? possibly because my youngest is quite small so I'm envisaging him pulling his suitcase along to the bus and it being as big as him. I think it might be also as I don't have any family at all that live by me, so the longest he's been away from me is one night and that's when he's stayed at one of his friends so I know that's why I'm going to feel it.

When I look at his itenary to I literally would love to go myself I would love the activities and I would love to see his little face doing them to, but that's selfish I know this is his time and for him to have time away from his family and enjoy himself.   I also can't help thinking hope he's going to shower and clean his teeth but I know realistically he's a very capable little boy as I've packed anti bac wipes in his suitcase (at his request) to wipe over the toilet before he sits on it, as he said it's a strangers toilet not his mums I still laugh at that statement and know he must have some sort of OCD.  But he literally cracks me up he's always been a right fussy kid not with food or anything but with cleanliness or anything.

They I think to myself will be be ok doing the horse riding and the skiing etc and then I answer my own question of course he will, I've never babied them I've always been there in the back ground but always on hand incase he might fall off, I've always cringed as he's ran up the slide 30mph but I e kind of encouraged it as they are only kids for a while. So this is why me writing this makes me realise yes he will be completely fine but maybe as his mum it's hard to let go of my baby out of my sight for a whole week and spend it with his school friends.

I know to that when I pick him up after his week away he will be exhausted he will probably have lost half of his clothes, what clothes he does have in the suitcase will be wet smelly and muddy, I can imagine opening the suitcase and nearly throwing up with the smell of wet mud and boys smell, I will have a very tired ratty boy but one full of memories and memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

And there he is butter wouldn't melt little blonde little monkey,

Laura x

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Tom Ford Black Orchid Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello guys so here is another segment to my ideas for Christmas for you, this is the third week of a fragrance dropped in, I'm a big fan of fragrances and I know from working in Boots before a lot of you are big fragrance and aftershave lovers to.  I used to love it when men came into the store literally days coming before Christmas looking for inspiration for there daughters wives or girlfriends or family member.  My favourite thing to be asked was what perfume do you wear or what perfume do you like??

So today I am talking about the iconic Tom Ford Black Orchid Spray sometimes I feel that this scent has been referred to as marmite people either absolutely love it or hate it not many inbetweens, personally I hate marmite I'm completely not even on the shelf with this I really hate it.  But with this scent I have to be honest I was on the shelf I wasn't sure for months whether i liked it.  Here is what the scent us described as.

A luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich, dark accords and an alluring potion of Black Orchids, and spice, Tom Fords black orchid is both modern and timeless.  bottled in fluted black glass black orchid makes an unforgettable statement of iconic style and worldly glamour.

This to me is a completely perfect  discription of the fragrance for me at first I found it to heady and strong and made me feel quite sick, but then as sometimes I'm an over sprayer I've learnt less is more with this one as the scent is not a light one you only need a little bit. If your a light perfume fan this is not for you or a floral lover again this is not for you.  In my opinion this is not a day time fragrance either this is definitely an evening scent.  As I mentioned before about my over spraying I take this much lighter now and spray a little bit before going out, some of my friends say to me you have got that perfume on again haven't you, that to me means it's very recognisable, it definitely is distinctive but they great thing about perfume is they smell different on us all, one scent that might not smell  nice on you may smell amazing on someone else or vice versa.

Why I like this, to me now I've got used to being gentle with the spraying I think this is so unique and classy I feel like a proper grown up with this on, and it reminds me of a lady with a bright lip and some sharp black tailoring on.  It's definitely a conversation starter scent.

So with this one as I would say to anyone go and spray it first walk around shopping for half an hour and then smell I bet you will be hooked.

This is available at John Lewis Tom Ford and currently there is money off to woo hoo..

Hope you enjoyed this post ...

Laura x

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb gift ideas

Hey guys back with another offering of something for Christmas, last week I wrote about a perfume I love and this week I'm writing about another fragrance, as I mentioned I'm not doing a gift guide as such as I'm feeling people are sick of those but each week il write about one thing that I'm going to review and you can make up your own mind.
Now a few years ago when I worked on the Chanel counter in Boots I used to come into work perfume free because my aim was to try a different perfume each shift to see if I liked them and obviously to smell different every day.  When I covered fragrance I used to tidy up all the shelves and clean all the glass displays and just love the fancy bottles thinking my god this is heaven, not the cleaning but messing with all the pretty bottles and one that people  that raved about was flowerbomb, I knew this wasn't a cheap one and your talking £73 for a 50ml which I suppose isint horrendous but it's not one of the cheaper ones. That's from Boots 

So what is Flowerbomb all about??? Flowerbomb is an explosion of scents rolled into one with
TOP NOTES of Bergamot, Tea

HEART NOTES of Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid

BASE NOTES of Centiflora Rose, Patchouli

This is not one for the faint hearted if you don't like floral scents don't even pick it up, however if your a fan of a sophisticated mix of the florals then this may be for you. I did worry it would remind me of something my nan would have worn in a nice way but it didn't do that either,

My initial impression was OMG it was quite heady and I thought if I smell of this all day this is not good, I thought breathe it will dry down and when it did I was sold.  The mix of florals secrets with the woody notes of the Patchouli is what I love and the smell is completely beautiful.
The bottle is pretty not overtly fancy but nice, little details which are classy and look stunning on your dressing table, to me it's too nice to be thrown around in your hand bag, but I don't think you really need to carry it around I found that the scent lasts all day, I actually think when my current bottle runs out I will cry. Is it a great buy for Christmas I actually think that it is and the receiver of this will be a very lucky person,

If you want to read last weeks post about what perfume I loved last week click on this link

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

YSL Black Opium Christmas Ideas

Hello guys hope you are all well.....and had a nice Halloween and Bonfire Night.  I am still freaked out by the fact we are in November how scary and now I'm faced with the dreaded Christmas lists of pages of A4 things my kids want GULP.  So with this in mind I'm not going to do gift guides or anything like that but I'm going to just tell you things I love for either myself or the kids and maybe you may like them to or think hmm that's an idea for Christmas.  That brings me to literally one of my favourite perfumes ever brings me to YSL Black Opium, when this first came out in the shops I didn't think I would like it, I remembered the old style Opium that came out years ago and I really didn't like it.

Now ok this is only my humble opinion and not everyone will like it but I love it so much I don't think that I would or will ever get fed up of the smell of this perfume.  The bottle is beautiful in itself black and sparkly with slices of glitter through it perfect for your dressing table and gorgeous to get out of your handbag.   So if you haven't smelt it what would you expect yes there's an element of depth to it, dark and mysterious with hints of coffee to a warm sensual base note. It's not over powering or heady I'm so trying not to be biased as I love it so much.

It's not the cheapest perfume around obviously depending on size you can pick up from most department stores or Drugstore I normally get mine from FragranceDirect

Hope you like it to


Sunday, 29 October 2017

Spa Days and Swimwear*

Hi guys now if you know me well you will know that I love exercise loads.... In fact I'm actually lying I don't, but I make myself do it 4 times a week, there are 4 reasons why I make myself do it being
1. great for people with depression
2. Good for socialising
3. Helps keep weight stable
4. Good for overall health

So enough to about the exercise and more about the socialising, a group of the girls that go to the class decided a Spa day would be nice for us all, a chance to relax and socialise and unwind so yep I was sold and then I had the thought OMG I had been to Cyprus in the September and thrown all my swimsuits away....cringe, I had done this as I'd had them for the last few years and they had seen me well over the last few holidays I had been on but I didn't want to see them again in fact I was actually sick of the sight of them and in the holiday photos I was thinking oh god those swimsuits again.  So what was I to do, someone above must have heard my plight because I had an email in my inbox asking me if I would like to review some swimwear what are the chances of that, I literally kid you not I could have cried it was literally perfect.  All I had to do was have a look through there selection and chose as simple as that. There site is Ukswimwear and I can honestly tell you that you will be spoilt for choice literally so if your bag is Bikinis beachwear or a swimsuit then you will find something to suit you here.
For me I don't wear bikinis after three children I don't feel comfortable in bikinis so I've always worn swimsuits but I have always found them old fashioned until recently and they are much more modern and trendy.  I chose a smart classy one which you can see from my picture it's stylish without being too revealing or to over the top perfect for my spa day.

So about the spa day we went to the spa which is a few miles from where I live set in a nice are called  the valeresort.co.uk
Incidentally I had never been there before so wasn't sure what to expect.  I knew a lot of golfers went there, I knew also footballers went there and also various rugby players as well. I would say the resort is clean and the main reception staff friendly. The spa area is clean and tidy and very tranquil.  I had a full body massage which was actually really amazing and literally leaves you feeling really relaxed to the point of wanting to go asleep.  And all your aches and pains do disappear for that time period it's so amazing.  Also a full facial is done using templespa products which I cannot believe I haven't heard of before or used or even sampled, I must have been hiding under a rock as apparently there luxury truffle products such as the mask and moisturiser are huge, and after using them omg I can see why the smell alone is amazing.


So all in all a good day happy treatments lovely swimwear and a relaxing day.

Thank you so much to http://www.ukswimwear.com/swimsuits for being so kind to let me chose something from there range.

Laura x

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Radox 12 hour scent touch review

Today I'm taking about a product I've just picked up from Radox a little bottle of shower gel with a scent that claims to last 12 hours let's see if this is the case.

The one I'm showing you today I will say is the blue one which is fragranced with artic blueberry and patchouli, I like this one but I actually prefer the pink one which is fragranced with wild peony and lychee. The blue one I thought would smell like a men's shower gel it actually doesn't it smells of blueberries which you would hope for as its supposed to, I prefer the pink one as I like the brightness of the bottle it's like a girly bright pink shallow I know.  I've got through two of these in next to no time as its what I've been reaching for every shower not only me but my daughter to.  When I first bought it I jumped in the shower and came down to the living room in my dressing gown to watch Corrie with my cup of tea and my daughter came into the living room and said ah mum what candle have you lit, I'm looking round the living room thinking what candle have I lit nor realising or maybe my little boy had, and I would have gone mad if he had of.  So I was literally sat there thinking what can she smell then it clicked it had to be the shower gel and it was.  Once she realised what it was she was sniffing me like a little spaniel off she went in the shower, my immediate reaction ah well there goes half my shower gel down the plug.

So back to the review, the claims of the brand are that the scent left behind will last 12 hours and is this the case, well as I've mentioned the scent is particularly lovely the pink one especially, in the shower you get a full on lather which some people won't like as in it contains SLS, so becareful if you have any allergies or super sensitive skin. Don't use it near your eyes and don't wash your hair with it either, my youngest boy did do that, little monkey.   Ok so after showering in the pink one last night about ten o'clock, I stayed up for about an hour and then went to bed, at that time the smell was really strong and I could smell it even on myself and in my bedroom.  I woke up next morning about 6am and the smell was very faint but marginally still there, so I would say they a good 8 hours is very good in terms of smell ability of a product, not only that the shower gel is extremely reasonable and you can pick up for around £2.50 from most chemists drug stores or supermarkets,

To find out more about this range click here Radox

Radox 12 hour scent