Friday, 24 May 2013

LIz Earle Cleanse and Polish & Brightening Mask

I've done a few posts recently about cosmetics so thought I would write about some of my skin care favourites::: 

There are lots of amazing skin care products around and I love loads of them, they range from drugstore brands and high end and in betweens so we are spoiled for choice.

But I have to tell you about one I love, and I know I'm not the only one as this range particularly one of these products is a cult's Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish..

To use this product you massage it into your skin including the eye area give it a lovely massage into the skin, then rinse the Muslim cloth included when you purchase the cream, in warm water and leave it on your face for a few minutes this opens the pores, and then rub the cloth over your face to either clean it or wipe your makeup off. It leaves your face squeaky clean and the product smells nice to,  the brightening treatment mask is fab to, perfect for a skin pick me up, the mask is clay and you wipe it over your face not the eye area and leave it on for two minutes and voila!! No more dull skin.  Wipe off with your Muslim cloth.  I couldn't rate these two highly enough and I would say are suitable for nearly every skin, as Liz Earle uses plant extracts.
This is a swatch of the products the top one is the brightening
The one underneath Is the cleanse and polish....

Liz Earle is available from Qvc, John Lewis and many department stores.