Friday, 31 May 2013

Vita Liberata Self Tan Review

My quest for being brown has been since I was about sixteen when I used to sunbathe covered in cooking oil, can't believe I'm admitting that, oh how times have changed I don't even let my skin out in the open without SPF anymore.  So I now opt for the next best thing self tan or better referred to as fake tan. 

I have seriously tried every tan going on the market to budget ones from the pound store to tan wipes to the most expensive, but I have had the dreaded orange streaks, to orange tan lines everywhere and the worst thing ever the "biscuit smell" and then my imprint all over my bed.  

And then I stumbled on to a brand I had never heard of before Vita Liberata.  I bought the Untinted Self Tan Gel in Medium as I'm naturally pale, from the Vita Liberata website for £22.50 for 200ml.   So I gave my skin a good scrub with my Elemis body scrub and then I put my tanning gel onto my tanning mit I think I bought from Superdrug for about £3.00. The tan as shown is like a white clear gel if that makes sense and rubs in like a moisturiser and doesn't show on the skin, so I would advise rubbing in evenly.  Rubbed all over the areas you want tanning, go to bed, and my sheets are white.  Got up in the morning, there was nothing on my sheets and my tan YIPEE best ever, serious.  

If you check out there website you will see all the different ranges they have such as a tan for your face, a wash off tan, and tans in shades from light to dark, they even have a tanning guide where you see you natural skin colour and what colour tan would be right for you.

I love it,  available from Vita Liberata online, House Of Fraser and Debenhams.