Sunday, 23 June 2013

Battle Of The Eyeliners Budget V Drugstore



 I've previously done a YouTube account of my favourite eyeliners but if I'm honest I prefer writing than you tubing as I don't like hearing my voice or seeing myself on camera, each to there own so I'm sticking to what I like best.  Anyway I talked about what eyeliners I have and which are better are whether high end is better than drug store with regards to eyeliners.  I'm probably someone who cannot live without eyeliner as dramatic as it sounds I can't, my eyes to me look like they are not even in existence on my face if I don't use something under my eyes.  Eyeliner is so versatile you can use it on the top lash line, the water line and on the bottom lash line, or if you are really brave you can put it in the top of your inner eye I like that look but it makes me blink like mad.
Basically the liners I used where:

YSl Dessin Du Regard      YSL Dessin Du Regard Waterproof      Mac Smoulder

Sisley Phyto Kohl Black Diamond       Clinique Quickliner.     Avon Supershock

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner

       This from top to bottom is the CLINQUE
     Then MAC, then RIMMEL, then AVON

This one from top to bottom is the YSl, then YSL waterproof, turn SISLEY

I didn't like the Clinique one much as the nip kept breaking off and I wasn't really impressed with the. Colour it seemed to smudge on my hand, the Mac Smoulder I really liked as it gave a nice intense colour and lasted really well through the day.  The Rimmel lasted well and was an excellent buy for the price.  My favourite on that hand was the Avon Supershock gave a really intense black was really creamy and soft and the durability was good.

The next hand was the YSL this was good but didnt make me want to party, the YSL waterproof is excellent gives the intense black colour and as far as durability goes withstands a good few tears but if you were to have a good old bawl then the effects are lessened greatly.  In other words if you went swimming it wouldn't be all over your face but the colour intensity comes down. The next one is the Sisley now this isint an normal eyeliner as there are bits of Swarovski crystals in this (you may pick it up from the swatch) and has loads of sparkle in it, so not really practical for day time but amazing for a night out.

After trying and testing them all wearing them a whole day and soaking my face etc, things you have to do eh all in the name of beauty, the longest lasting was the YSL waterproof and the best out of the drugstore was definitely the AVON Supershock. 
Considering these eyeliners range between £2.99 to £17.00 depending on your choice you could pick up a bargain.

Can you guess the cheapest to the most expensive? 
Have you tried any of these and if so which was your favourite?