Friday, 14 June 2013

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour

I've been dying to try one of the Chanel Lip colours for ages, now I don't know if it was because I was sucked in by the hype or whether I just thought hmmm how lovely one would look in my handbag.  Like most people who wear makeup, I've got the usual tons of lipsticks, balms, and lip glosses, pencils that are like a stain on the lips anything and everything that puts the desired colour on your lip.  But there is usually that issue if its a gloss it's sometimes too gloppy or sticky and if its a lipstick too drying or sort of peels off your lips.
So one payday I bite the bullet and thought right I'm going to splash the cash and get the lipstick I wanted which was the Chanel Rouge Creme lip colour....

The shade I bought was number: (79) Plumetis which I chose as its a nice neutral nude colour which I wanted.  There are loads of shades to choose from which is a plus, obviously the packaging is another plus as I love the black and gold design, and I love the interlocking C,s on the bottom.  The colour is lovely a nice neutral with maybe an element of a slight gold sheen,  the wearability it did last a couple of hours, but did lose the glow after I had eaten.
All in all was it worth the money? A steep £24.00 from I would say no.  That's not to say its not a nice lipstick it's comfortable and a nice colour, but I've had better lipsticks from Rimmel and obviously a lot cheaper.

The chanel name is embossed into the lipstick (lovely)

Please add your comments and thoughts do you like it? Would you recommend something as nice.

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