Monday, 24 June 2013

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Review

I will be honest I'm a bit of an Elemis fan and I particularly like there moisturisers, so when there cleansing balm came out I didn't jump on the band wagon straight away only because I was a bit skeptical of using a balm as a cleanser.  But I read amazing reviews on it so thought why not its worth a go.  When it arrived you know what it's like, you can't wait to open it and have a smell and try it.  Well I opened the lid and was quite surprised I didn't expect it to be yellow or waxy. It smells like a blend of the woods and all sorts of plants.  After checking the ingredients it has loads of extracts of lavender, ho wood, menthol, etc in thus making up the smell I couldn't quite get my finger on it all. I like the smell though maybe some dont but I do.  You also get a cotton cloth with the balm.
You get two options for cleansing which are massaging the balm into the skin, then wetting your fingers and massaging over your face and then remove with a warm cleansing cloth.
Alternatively you can do like a mini facial for yourself by smoothing a generous amount of balm over your face with dry hands and massage in this loosens the balm, the trick is to lie in the bath this is only if you have the time and then wipe off the balm with the cloth.

I have tried and tested this balm for two weeks solid now in the evenings, I wear a lot of makeup even in the day and by that I mean a full face, such as foundation and powder, blusher and all the eye makeup going on, my skin is combination with a bit of sensitivity going on.  I haven't found this balm to break my skin out at all, Infact I haven't had one which is unlike me I normally have a couple at least.  As far as getting all my makeup off it totally did the cloth looked like something from Snog Marry, Avoid, worrying for me.  My only gripe is you cannot use the balm on your eyes, now I did once just out of laziness and it really stung my eyes.  So Elemis were not kidding when they said not to use it round the eyes.  So you have to use a separate eye makeup remover to get rid of all that, but as long as you can deal with that, the cleansing benefits of the balm out way that negative point.
This has left my skin squeaky clean soft and in nice condition, in other words not as blotchy as it usually does.

I think you should give it ago, or have you already and what did you think?

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