Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Funday: Some Little Treats for the Weekend

I've decided to call my Friday posts as Friday Fundays, as Friday is the day most people seem to like the best, either because its your last day of school or last day of work for the week or college or you just love the weekend coming up....So I've picked a few items from my collection to show you and you can tell me what you think...I buy all my products myself and I will always write honestly about things if something is amazing I will say no matter how cheap or expensive it is,  but if I don't like it it doesn't mean it's bad it just may mean its not right for me..
My skin is combination and a bit sensitive, I have pale skin and my skin or my arms is extremely dry and flaky if I don't look after it (yuck)

So here goes::::

Here is a little collection of treats starting with a gorgeous natural nail polish by I really like this one it's called LADY LIKE and is a nice neutral colour good for every day.  I will show it on my nails further down the page. Essie have a lovely selection of colours you can get a nail varnish starting from £5.99 from or from from £10.95

The second item is Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Golden Mousse.. Again a good buy rubs into your skin nicely and doesn't smell too bad.  Left a nice glow after leaving on all night...Its a tan that fades away, I personally don't like the tans you wash off, because from my own experience I would get caught in the rain and it would streak on me (not good) but that doesn't mean they are not good for you. The Loreal tan starts at £10.99 from and from

The third but no means last is Weleda Skin Food (75ml) I only heard about this after mrs posh herself Victoria Beckham mentioned it in something I had read, I thought I would give this a go....This is a super rich cream ideally for dry skin, which as I said mine is especially the bottom of my feet (well least i'm honest) I cannot rate this enough it's cheap and works, the only negative with this is there's not much slip or glide with it.  I mean when you rub it in you can't do large areas unless you use loads, whereas with other moisturisers you normally put some in your hand and you could do half your leg no chance with this.  But with its moisturising properties it's a small price to pay.
This costs £4.95 from

This is the Essie Nail varnish in Lady Like....

I would love to hear you thoughts on these products.  Have you tried them?  Do you like them?

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Again with all my products they are bought with my own money and I write my blogs as I've read blogs regarding products and sometimes it helps when deciding to buy something or not.  That's why I've started my own, as if someone gives an honest unbiased account of how something looks, lasts or   Is then its s good thing....

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