Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Fundays: Hair & Base For The Weekend

Good day all I've selected another couple of items out of my collection some of which will be useful if you are going out or just want to give yourself a nice little boost. I've put two items in the mix this week for hair, I've got very fine hair that's shoulder length and layered and I use these products regularly, the hairspray daily and the root booster on the weekend...

Fudge urban hairspray

The first product is Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla hairspray...This is available from and is priced at £4.99.  I think this is very reasonably priced.  First of all with this you notice the smell it's beautiful, I spray my hair with this everyday and I can smell it all through the day. I wear my hair to work differently every day either down, in a bun or ponytail and it keeps my hair looking shiny and in place all day, depending on your own hair type it should work for you to..I really rate this and I think you will to.

The next product is called Fat Hair with 0 Calories sounds like Something from Slimming World doesn't it...Again I got this from I forgot the exact price of this but I know it wasn't expensive somewhere in the region of £4.00.  I bought this as my hair is so fine and looks flat for me and sometimes stuck to my head. Don't get me wrong i don't like my hair all poofy but I do like it with a bit of fake volume.  You spray this by your roots on clean washed towel dried hair.  It doesn't smell of anything really, feels a little bit sticky to the touch and the nozzle clogs up, which really bugs me.  You then blow dry your hair and it does help a little bit but I wouldn't say it's amazing.  You may find it great for your hair and I hope you do, but it's just not great for mine. 

The next product is Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. This product is priced at £19.00 and is available from and If you are an eyeshadow fan like me then this is a must and it keeps your eyeshadow on all day, if you suffer from oily lids and I know a lot of you do, then it's still a good buy it just means that the length it lasts will be shorter than someone's who are not.