Saturday, 8 June 2013

Laura Mercier Eye Brow Definer Review

I found a little gem when I went makeup shopping the other day, I was looking for an alternative to my eyebrow pencil which was fine but I just felt something different would be good.  So I stopped by Laura Mercier to have a look...Although I tried to keep my eyes closed if you know what I mean because otherwise I would have probably wanted to buy everything, and I can't...So I checked out the Brow Definers.  The pot is small, tiny actually but you don't need much to do your brows so its likely to be the equivalent of an eyebrow pencil...The colours are Fair, Soft and Warm.. I would say Fair is for Blondes and Soft is the colour I choose a light brown, and Warm would be for darker eyebrows and darker skin tones.

This is the colour swatched on my hand my hand is slightly tanned at the minute and I applied quite a bit of the gel to show you can get a stronger look if you add some depth.  The texture is as described as soft and this would be right as it is, the consistency is of a wax like gel mix so it does stay put on you eyebrow...I've got lots of gaps in my eyebrows where I go a bit nuts with the tweezers. So personally I need something to fill in the gaps and this was perfect for that....

I used my trusty Mac 266 brush you can see its got a slanted tip so it's good for eyebrows.
All in all I would say the Laura Mercier Brow Definer is a good buy.  The pros are good colours, lasts all day....the cons maybe the size and price...But they do say you pay for what you get.

The brow Definer costs £16.50 and you can get from and and and

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