Friday, 21 June 2013

Makeup Bag Mooching:: What I Found..


You know what's it like if you are a makeup junkie like me, you go on a good few beauty shopping escapades and use your products and then you do it all again and your makeup ends up in a circle of using your newest things and the older stuff gets put away.   So I thought I would look in one of my makeup bags that I haven't stuck my nose in for a while, so here are a couple of things I found.
They are as follows

1. Givenchy.Phenomen.Eyes this costs £22.00 from HouseofFraser.Com

2. DiorSkin Nude Concealer in shade... 001/Ivory £21.00 from HouseofFraser

3. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in Black £11.00 from

4. Mac Cream Colour Base In Hush £14.50 from Mac.Cosmetics.Com

So I'll start with The Givenchy Mascara I haven't used this for a while, after buying this after reading several positive reviews on it, and how good it was for coating every single lash. Thought I'd get it as we all like big impact lashes don't we? So it came and I was intrigued I had never seen a mascara wand like it, (shown further down) Well lets just say after using it I looked like I had been crying for 3 weeks solid. Why? Because I couldn't get to grips with the wand poked myself in the eye about 200 times, smudged the mascara everywhere and it took me ages to coat my eyelashes with this weird ball like wand. Maybe you have had better luck with it and love it, I'm sure if you are not a clutz like me, it may look amazing.

Right the Diorskin concealer, absolutely nothing bad to say about it, it's a hydrating concealer as stated on the tube.  I found for me this was the case, has excellent coverage, lovely creamy consistency and lasted under my eyes all day, whether I had used a brush or patted with my fingers.  I hope you found this to be the case this one is being resurrected into my current makeup bag..

The Clinique Bottom Lash mascara again what a fool I am, note to myself to get my nose in the makeup bags sooner than later....This is a little darling, for those of you who struggle coating there lashes with big wands, this mascara has to be the one, the brush is tiny for you to coat all those little bottom lashes.  It comes in a little bottle but you only need a bit for your bottom lashes.

And again another classic the Mac colour base, this one for me anyway I just use as a highlighter and it gives you a lovely pearly glow on your skin, ideally I use this at the top of my cheeks especially when your skin needs a nice pick me up this is great. Nice put on the skin with a brush or fingers, gives a nice boost.

Are you like me and forget what you have got?

What products have you found you are using again?