Saturday, 22 June 2013

Nars Lip Lacquer Review



I thought I would dig out another little classic out of my makeup kit the lovely Nars lip lacquers.  I've only got two of them as my pictures show but I thought it would be nice to share them with you.  They come in six shades which are:

1. BabyDoll
2. ChelseaGirls
3. Eros
4. Galactica
5. HotWired                                       

6. SweetCharity

I've got Baby Doll & Chelsea Girls.. The top one on my Hand is Chelsea Girls and the bottom one is Baby Doll.
My favourite is Chelsea Girls its  beige coloured with a grown up sheen, reminds me of a J-LO type lip, like the type of gloss she wears.  I love the colour, the only negative is the gloss does smell a bit funny, but you can get past that, oh and as I use a lip brush with these it's not very bag friendly as who likes carrying lip brushes around.

I like Baby Doll it's like a soft pink with a silver pearl through it, but if you look at the open pot of the lacquer this is how the gloss came when I ordered it, it arrived in like half, not impressed, I've obviously used the top bit of it , but it really did come like that, I only didn't take it back as I don't know if I would believe it myself.   Fuming is not the word though. Rant over!!!!!

The shine does come off when you eat or drink but you are left with some lip colour but would need through the day application although I just leave it at home as I don't carry the brush around.

My next purchase I think will be Hot Wired as this is described as Shocking Fuschia (yes please)

They are also enriched with vitamins