Thursday, 27 June 2013

No.7 Stay Perfect Long Lasting Volume Mascara Review

I love wandering around Boots who wouldn't, and as I was paying for some things I noticed loads of gold mascaras by the till, so being a nosey little toad that I am I thought lets have a look. So I looked at the mascara and thought hmmm nothing wrong with having another one so I bought it. It was £12.95 and I asked the lady at the till if I had to grab a box but she said they didn't have a box, ok I thought no problem with that.  Onwards home and then I had a look online to see what the hype was apparently the lady at Boots said these mascaras were quite new, and supposed to be smudge proof pretty much full on anything proof.

So after a bit of messing round in the bathroom removing makeup etc here is the look on one eye, and not a scrap of makeup, yuck, but I'm being brave, I think it's quite good, that was two coats and I
think that's not bad at all.

I liked the wand as well thought that was nice and straight forward.  All in all good price for a mascara good durability as well. To take the mascara off you don't need to use eye makeup remover you just wet a cotton pad place it over your eye for 30 seconds and then wipe away.  When I looked
at the pad I thought my eyelashes had fallen off as the mascara looked quite clumpy on the pad, ooh I was scared but it did all come off.

The finished look oh and that cotton pad.......with a No.7 TA DA