Saturday, 22 June 2013

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Review

I thought I would share something with you that does really work and helps sort out stressed out hair, well if its good enough for the beautiful AudreyHepburn then it is for us:
This is a product by PhilipKingsley and I cannot speak highly enough about it.
Basically this is a PRE shampoo treatment, and you literally dampen your hair with water, not soak it, I normally just stand by the sink and put water on my hairbrush and brush it through the mid lengths and ends of my hair.  I then pump a bit of the product onto my hand as above and work it through my hair, and with that I mean mid lengths and ends this is really good for fine hair which I have hence I stay away from the roots.  But if your hair is thick or curly or Afro or any type this would be a good product for you.

Once I've worked it through the hair you can then either leave it on for 20 minutes with a shower cap on to penetrate the product, or you can do it like I do tie it in a ponytail and go to bed leaving it on overnight.  In the morning you just jump in the shower and rinse it out and then wash and condition your hair as normal.  And believe me for that day I think if got the best hair ever, well you have to dream don't you.

I mentioned earlier that I pump this product into my hand this is because I've got the enormous 500ml size that I picked up from QVC.COM I love QVC because I got this on easy pay which means you can pay for it in instalments normally over two or three months.  Plus if a product is not right for you, you can send it back even if you have used it.

For the size I've got from QVC.COM it costs £55.00 but it's currently at the easy pay option of £13.75 plus postage for the first payment and then just the £13.75 till its paid.  It's a lot easier to justify the spending then and it's worth it.

The Elasticizer does come in smaller sizes and is available in a pot and a tube and you can get it from loads of places like FeelUnique and JohnLewis.Com.

I'm not affiliated with any brands, but just try and test products to see if the expected results are true sometimes they are sometimes they are not, but just because something doesn't work for me it may for you, or I may like it and you might not.

Have you tried it?

Has it helped?

Would you recommend any good products for stressed out hair?

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