Saturday, 15 June 2013

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres (posh lipgloss)



This is a stand alone post for a worthy product.  As the long title lets you know the true name of the lipgloss but for my post it's going to be YSL lipgloss.  First of all I got it from and it cost £23.50 and like me you probably think "that's an expensive lipgloss" and I agree it is. But il let you know the pros and cons further on...
The lipgloss comes in around 24 different shades ranging from Beiges to Oranges to Bright Reds and Browns, Plums and Pinks. So there's a shade for everyone no matter whether you are pale like me, to olive and dark skin tones there's a beautiful shade to suit everyone.
I chose number: 17 which is a baby pink colour.  The packaging is nice, the bottom of the gloss is black with a little window with a little peep of whatever colour you have, the lid is gold with the initials YSL embossed on it, thumbs up for that.

The lip applicator as shown is a bit pear shaped, still not sure what I think of that, and the gloss does smell a little unusual, it's not gross but it's not lovely.  As the swatch on my hand indicates the top one is two coats and the bottom is one, so if you want the glossy finish which is quite a subtle one then do the two coats, if you would just like the stain you just need the one.
After wearing this all day in work eating my lunch and drinking teas and waters through the day, the gloss does wear off, but you are left with the stain which lasts all day.

So is it worth it you ask?

I think it is, the cons I would say are the price, it's not a cheap one,
The size, it's only 6ml, but then if you are only applying it once a day it will last
The applicator, I think that's just me being fussy
The smell it's not ideal

The pros are the longevity of the stain
The range of colours
The beautiful packaging

Have you tried it yet? If so what shade

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All products bought by myself and I only write honest findings after using myself. Xxxxx