Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I've Got A Job Interview: How Do I Look/ Hair & Makeup

I've haven't got an interview or anything but I'm just giving you a few tips I've learned along the way, I'm going to tell you what I've worn to different places and how I've done my hair and makeup.   And what I would recommend for you.  I'm only giving some suggestions it's not out of a book so you may agree you may not.  It's only some tips I've learned along the way.

For an office job or job where you are in contact with the public it's important to be tidy smart and clean.  It may sound obvious but I've seen so many people turn up for interviews who haven't washed there hair or who have stains on there clothes and its not a good look at all.  I would say roughly if you have long hair stick it in a smart ponytail but not with a scrunchie (I cannot abide them) if your a lad then neat hair is a must. And a nice pencil skirt and white blouse looks nice, for a man again smart trousers and a smart shirt.  Trainers or flip flops are a no unless its for a casual type of look you need.

For a sales assistant it does depend on the store if its high end like harveynicholls or Harrods then you really need to be immaculate.  If you have long hair I would put my hair in a bun using a donut.  Either on the side or right on the top of your head.  Makeup would have to be flawless so foundation or some concealer.  If your not used to much makeup then a tiny bit of eyeshadow and mascara. A lipstick might be a good idea as sometimes lip gloss can be a bit gloppy. And then your good to go.
If its a very fashionable trendy shop like GillyHicks then I wouldn't do that kind of look, I would go in the shop to see what the sales assistants are wearing. And base a look around that.
Say for instance if you applied for Topshop then you would wear something trendy and a current fashion look, makeup can be a lot more daring.

If you were having an interview for a cosmetics house again it depends on the brand.  If it was BobbiBrown then your makeup would be very clean and natural looking. By that I mean nice neutrals lovely earthy pinky tones. Nothing dramatic.  However if you went for Mac I would be much braver. You could experiment with turquoises and acid bright colours. Bright lips whatever you want but try and make sure it looks good and appropriate. Chanel and Dior again just smart colours browns pinks. And very smart clothes. It doesn't have to be expensive just clean and tidy with your own stamp is nice.

For cabin crew a lot is based on your appearance.  Your hair and makeup has to be really well groomed.  If you have roots (hide them) or put in a root touch up,  when I had an interview for a leading airline who wear red you can guess the rest (it was a good time ago) I wore a smart trouser suit,,,I spent ages doing my makeup that morning and opted to big up with mascara and I wore a versace lipgloss that was super shiny,,,I was nervous on the interview but I was myself and I did get the job.

All applies for men to be original and smart and well groomed. There's a lot of pressure on men to look good as well, and I don't think I've realised until now how much grooming some men do, I've seen some men with more maintenance than me. (I'm not too bad) I think just keeping on top you my roots and having nails done sometimes is not too bad, my friends have a list of things they have doing every week, I couldn't keep up, but then they do look amazing...

Hope this helps anyone

And what's been your worst interview experience....

Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Favourite Eyeshadow In The world:: Mac Club

When it comes to makeup we all have a favourite brand we like,, it's nice to experiment and that's something I love doing.  But when it comes to eyeshadows I have lots of different colours and brands and I like trying different looks.  But there's one eyeshadow I love and the colour is my Favourite and I know if you are reading this you may think so to...

As far as eyeshadows go Mac needs no introduction at all so I don't need to do that and the colour is the beautiful CLUB.

The colour is so beautiful it's like a multi tonal green with reflects of browns in and a bit of red. It doesn't sound like it would work but it does.  The reason I like it, is because it has so many uses. You can give it a light dusting over your eyelid and that looks pretty, or wear it like I have done lately wear mac paintpot in Constructivist on my eyelid and then Club over the top.  The reason I do that is the paintpot seems to hold colours nicely on the lids and gives eyeshadows more intensity.  I line the bottom lashes with club as well.  My eyes are a hazel colour a mix of green gold and brown and this eyeshadow I swear makes the colours look different every time.

I can imagine this colour looking great on every eye colour and really making some colours pop. And if you are really brave and are going on a night out then before now I've put club on the inner corner of my eye and put a purple eyeshadow on the outer that's nice for a funky look.  I've been really brave I think with my colours in the past, but I'm getting a bit older now (sshhhh) so keeping it funky but not wild anymore.

And as you can see from the swatch all the beautiful tones in the shadow.  Mac is brill for this and I'm sure you would agree if you went into Mac and couldn't find a shadow you like then maybe there's something wrong.  Love Mac because you get quality and don't get all the powder fall out of some shadows.

What is your favourite shadow and why?

And what's your bravest look?

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See you soon xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Liberty's Hall Of Fame: Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

Every so often I do a post called Liberty's Hall Of Fame and in a nutshell what is this is products that I've used and really tried out and I really love.
A. Because it works
B. Because it makes me/you look better
And C. Because I can't live without it.

And the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm is one of these things.  When I enter it not a hall of fame I may have previously wrote about it, but I will only add it in the hall of fame if I've given it a good run of trying out plus I always give it a good benefit of doubt.

The reasons I like the Cleansing balm are because first of all it smells beautiful really earthy and woody, if I was going to get all adverty I would be saying as you smell it you can imagine yourself skipping through the woods la la la.  But just to let you know I won't be doing that.... The balm feels a little bit waxy and oily to the texture so you only need a bit.  
There are two ways to use it you can either whip it on and off for makeup removal and a cleanse or you can have it as a full on cleanse.  To do the first step you massage the balm over your face AVOIDING your eye area. Then dampen your fingers and wipe over your face and then using the cloth provided with the balm wipe over your face and your makeup will be removed and your face will be clean.

The second way is my favourite but you have to have a bit of time for this one.  Put a larger amount of balm over your face again avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes then wipe off using the cloth provided and your skin will love you for that. My only gripe as I mentioned in my last review about the balm is that you cannot use it on your eyes,  I've tried it and it stings like mad. So you will have to use a separate eye makeup remover.

The Elemis Pro Collagen Balm is available for £39.50 from many stores inc JohnLewis FeelUnique and many more.

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See you soon xx

Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday Fundays: Summer Essentials

As summer is still blazing through I thought I would do a little selection of essential summer products to keep you going.

And here is the list in no particular order:

1. Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser:   No fuss body moisturising, have a shower rinse, then apply the in shower moisturiser whilst still in the shower and then rinse off, it's as easy as that, smells typically Nivea but with a hint of Almond.  Quick and easy.

2. Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant in (clean scent) This is the bad boy of deodorants, gives you 48 hours worth of odour protection and smells clean and fresh perfect for the summer heat.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral & Flirty Blush, perfect in between washing your hair, just spray into your roots and massage through style as usual and go. This one does smell nice and basically this absorbs the oil in your hair which makes it look greasy.

4. Decleor Aroma Sun Expert in factor 50. This is the face one.  Keeps you protected from the sun and smells ok to.

5. PhilipKingsley Swimcap: A moisturising treatment for the hair that protects it from chlorine and salt water and contains a sunscreen.  This is perfect for holidays.  You apply it through damp hair and you can go to the beach swimming etc and your hair is protected.  It also helps keep your colour in as the sun and chlorine can fade the colour.

6. Macadamia Healing Oil Spray: spray into clean towel dried hair this gives your hair moisture softness and protection,  this one is perfect for fine hair as it doesn't weigh your hair down
And helps with the dreaded fly aways to.

See you all soon


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Charles Worthington Hair Repair Kit Review

I'm always up for trying new products but having fine limp hair does restrict me quite a bit as products on times weigh my hair down and make it look greasy. Also as I dye my hair to death and have done since I was 19 it's been like a rainbow of colours and I guess it doesn't do my hair much good, but after going from blonde to dark and seeing all my greys I would never be able to never dye my hair again.  I'm now a rich auburn colour and as I have to keep up with the dyeing regularly I thought I'd better give my hair a treat.  So after a little visit to HomeBargains I stumbled on this little kit.  CharlesWorthington Hair Repair Kit, basically a home style salon treatment for your hair.

At the price of £3.99 I couldn't not get one.  In the pack you four treatments.
The pack contains

1. Pack of four shower caps

2. Bottle of Charles Worthington Hair Oil

3. Tube of Strength and Repair Shampoo

4. Intensive Hair and Repair Masque

To use, squirt some oil into the palm of your hand and massage through dry hair, if you have fine hair try to avoid your roots.  Leave on for ten minutes and add the lovely shower cap on, as heat helps penetrate the oil, and then rinse out with warm water for about a minute.
Then wash your hair with the shampoo, twice if you have fine hair.
Rinse out and then towel dry and apply the hair masque liberally then rinse out.

What are the results well it all smells nice and clean and you are left with lovely soft hair.  This kit is perfect for hair that's dry and damaged and needs a moisture boost.

Would I recommend it: yes it leaves your hair lovely.

I would try and use this once a week it's a little time consuming so it's defo for when you have a little time to yourself and having a nice pamper night.

Have you tried this?

What would you recommend for stressed out hair?

See you soon libertyxloves

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Guerlain Terra Nerolia Bronzer Review

I previously mentioned this in one of my must haves, which is normally a list of things I want but haven't bought but things I want. But I did eventually pick this up.

The top picture shows the bronzer before use the top bits are gold, then you have the 
bronzer underneath and then the middle is peach blush. I was a bit scared to use it at first as looking at all the gold I thought looking at I would look like CP30 from Star Wars, but once the top layer of gold comes off you are left with the above which is a nice bronzer with lesser gold reflects in.

I wasn't sure at first I thought it all wouldn't work together but it does, I now love it.  I'm a bronzer fan anyway but I love the fact that you have a blush with it to. I use the bronzer over my temples and underneath my cheek bones and then the peach blush as my blusher.  It's all finely milled so looks nice on your skin, the bronzer smells lovely very odd for a product to smell nice and I'm not sure why this does but it does.

The Guerlain Bronzer is limited edition and costs £44.00 from John Lewis, House Of Fraser and many leading department stores.

Have you tried it yourself and what do you think?

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday Fundays: Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum & Creme

I simply love these products and here are the reasons why.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum: This is an intensive moisture serum for the face, the smell is beautiful this is because the serum has blue ginger and camellia in which not only smells gorgeous but hydrates the skin.  The texture is lovely and light.  You can use this in the morning and in the night before the creme or the moisturiser of your choice.  You wake up in the morning and your skin looks fresh revitalised and glowing. If you use it in the morning before the creme it provides an excellent makeup base.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme:  This is the moisturiser that goes hand in hand with the serum packed again with lovely stuff including blue ginger.  Using both together boosts the hydration levels of the products and gives great results to the skin, This may sound like an advert for the products but I'm speaking on my personal thoughts and findings.  I think that in the summer especially the creme and serum would work well because they are light products and don't leave the skin feeling heavy or greasy. Actually rave rave rave your skin looks radiant and glowing. I seriously love it if my skin looks radiant and glowing and it makes yours why wouldn't I or you love it.

At the moment I'm using the serum and creme under my foundation and its helping keep my makeup fresh and in place all day.  It does a good job of doing this and I seriously can't fault this.
This is suitable for all types, and as usual I always recommend trying before buying.  If you go to the Chanel counter and you get a lovely assistant you can ask for a sample, if they haven't got any left they have been good in the past by putting some in a tiny pot of both products for you to take home and try. This is something I always encourage as these products are expensive if they don't work for you then it's a serious waste of money but I hope if you get them you love them as much as me.

Sorry if I sound so gushy but you will know by now that I buy all my products and always say If I love something and I will say if I don't love something. But then when I don't love something it means that it may not have worked for me and I may feel something is not worth the money. But these are just my personal thoughts and you may not agree.
The serum is on the bottom the creme is on the top.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Battle of the deodorants roll on versus spray

When the weather is hot outside it does seem to take us a bit longer to get ready plus our bags seem to get heavy because we have more products to take out with us, I particularly seem to grab allsorts to shove in my bag.

At the minute my handbag is consisting of loads but a few things I leave in there at the minute as its so hot so it's all of the above even the foot spray.

One factor of hot weather is even though none of us like to admit it we may sweat some might a lot and some might a little.  So unless we want to smell like a sweaty Betty then we need deodorant. Now I've got quite a few different ones but I'm sticking to Sure at the moment.  I've got the roll on versions and the sprays.
Which is best? Well really it's down to personal opinion.  I tend to use the roll on in the morning, as I tend not to get any white marks at the minute.  I take my Sure aloe Vera spray with me to reapply through the day.  As I don't like the though of putting a roll on onto a sweaty arm pit sorry for being gross. The Sure spray is good because its compressed in size now meaning its smaller in size but you still get the amount of spray of a larger bottle cool eh.

Another must on a hot day is my OdorEaters foot spray, I can't live without this as the smell of sweaty feet it something that makes me feel really ill.  So I can't say much about that other than keep your feet cool and then spray.

What do you prefer Roll one or sprays?

How are you keeping cool this summer?

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Liberty's End Of Year Prom 2013

It's very unmakeup and skincare related but I thought I would do a little post about my blog name sake my daughter Liberty, as she had her end of year prom yesterday and like me she's very into doing her own hair etc but obviously being eleven years old in my eyes too young for makeup but no doubt she will follow me and wear it when she's older.  She has long curly brown hair and she twisted her hair in a side bun and clipped it with black flowers. Simple but pretty we thought.

This was her class outside the disco venue was so sweet and made me feel quite emotional that my little girl is growing up.

This was our table we had books with end of year details printed on the front so all the children can take them in on the last day and all there friends can sign them and write comments in them.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bargain Buy: Coppertone No-Rub Sunscreen

Whilst we are an enjoying a blazing heat wave we know we have to protect our skin.  And Great Britain as a rule is not used to heat like this and nor are we.  Although personally I love it, it may be too hot for some so I've been caking on sun cream galore.  I do love my Decleor sun cream but I've found another little gem that is a real bargain find.

I found Coppertone No-Rub sun cream in my local 99 shop, so I picked up 5, obviously even though I'm rubbish at maths they were 99p each.  Gave my arms and legs a quick spray and out the back garden I went.  Now it's a twist top lock on the can, and is factor 30.  The spray is clear and you don't need to rub it into your skin,  perfect for swimming as well plus it's great for children who are constantly running round, as getting them to stand still to rub the cream in you have got no chance of keeping them still to do it, so a quick couple of spritz,s and your done.

Really recommended and il be going up again to get another five I'm sure.

Enjoy the sun and don't burn.  

YSL Touche Éclat Foundation:: Liberty's Hall Of Fame

I know this foundation has been out for a little while now, but after its launch I've tried and tested a few other foundations and always reverted back to this one.  Why have I done this the answer simply is because I love it.  The reason I love it so much is because to apply its lovely, the texture is soft light and creamy but most of all I love the translucent look it leaves on your skin. For me this foundation doesn't settle in the pores or look cakey and on a skin good day for me doesn't even look like I'm wearing any foundation.

There is a good range of colours and as a rule I'm in between bd40 and bd50 and sometimes I even mix them together if I have a bit of a tan.

As mentioned there is a good spectrum of colours and there are very pale shades for porcelain skins and darker shades for darker skin tones.  The YSL counter staff I've found are generally nice and helpful and they will give you a really generous sample of the foundation that suits your skin tone to try which is a good thing you know my feelings on samples I love them.

I really can't write a massive post and bore you to tears dribbling on about it as I will just simply say YSl Touche Éclat foundation is in my humble opinion the best foundation ever and enters my Liberty hall of fame.

Anything that makes my skin look luminous and knock some years off is awesome.

Is it your favourite? Or do you prefer another one brand?

Ysl touche éclat is available from most stockists at £29.00


Friday, 12 July 2013

YSL Forever Light Creator Serum: Review

When I heard YSL were bringing out a range of skincare I seriously couldn't wait until it was launched.  As I'm a massive massive fan of there cosmetics which I rate as brill I had huge hopes there skin care would also be so good.
As I'm registered on YSL.S website I was aware that if you had registered you could receive a text message from them and take your phone in to any stockist of YSL for a sample of the Forever Serum which would last you a week.

Off I went into JohnLewis straight to YSL and the lovely consultant gave me a generous 5ml sample in a box and everything.  She asked me for my contact details and said she would ring me in just under a week to ask me what I thought and maybe to see if I would buy it.

I carried on shopping then and thought I would push my luck and try Debenhams.  there's no harm in being cheeky especially as I thought it would be quite an expensive purchase if I wanted to eventually buy the full size. There wasn't anyone on the YSL counter so a lady from Dior kindly gave me 3 of the plastic square samples to try.
Off I went home with all my samples a very productive night I thought.

So here are my findings,::

After a week of using the Serum, which is quite a clear watery fluid I found after applying it to my cleansed skin my skin looked beautiful.  But then in the morning my skin had broken out I had a huge lump on my nose and one on my cheek.  I carried on with my nightly routine though and kept on using it, but every morning I ended up with a red lump somewhere else on my face,  I found everyday I had a red lump or spot in different places on my face.  Now as I've mentioned before I do have weird skin in that its combination but a bit sensitive so the serum may have been too much for my skin, or my skin was breaking out as it was a new product and my skin was getting used to it.  But in the end I stopped using it as I couldn't cope with the lumps every day.
This is not to say this product won't be fab for you I can imagine for lots of people it will leave your skin the best ever.
I'm also sure the serum will win heaps of awards because its bound to leave people's skin continuously glowing, just sadly not mine.

This is why I love samples so much as you really need to try things before you buy, as all our skins are different.
And this is an expensive item to buy if it doesn't suit you.

The YSL skin serum is available from most retailers, and from FeelUnique.com for £61.00 with free delivery.

These are the samples I received, well worth picking up some to see what results you get.

Have you tried it yet?

And what did you think?

Friday Fundays: Hair Saviours

I've  mainly done this post today for my daughter Liberty's hair.  It will be great for people with hair like her, but also if you haven't the shampoo and conditioner are still really lovely.
Liberty is eleven with lovely brown naturally really curly hair, although her hair is beautiful it's hard work.  When she gets up in the morning it's a tangled frizzy mess and looks awful.  I'm sure anyone with curly hair either natural or not, does not like it frizzy.

The first products I use are the Olive oil shampoo and conditioner, I'd never heard or seen this range before, but whilst sat in the hairdressers the other day there was a lovely girl sat next to me with gorgeous Afro hair and she gave it to the hairdresser to wash her hair in before cutting.  So nosey me asked her how good it was etc and was it good for curly hair.  Well it turns out it is.  So I bought it from Boots priced at, £3.49 and for the conditioner priced at £4.07.  These products gently cleanse the hair leaving it clean and very soft also removes build up of other residues from other products. It leaves curls looking manageable and soft.  I also use it on my dry very coloured hair and it leaves my hair looking really soft and manageable.
You can never have enough shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom and these are a must.

Another product essential for curly hair Is Bumble&Bumble defining creme. This does cost a lot but you do get mainly on the whole what you pay for.  This costs £23.50 from Johnlewis.  You wash your hair with the shampoo and conditioner of your choice, I use the olive oil, then I towel dry Lib's hair and put a pea sized amount of the creme in my palm, rubs my hands together and scrunch it into her hair.  I also use tiny amounts to define her curls by twirling her curls round my fingers and then leave her hair to dry naturally. I've had this bottle for ages so it does justify the amount.
Liberty has her school prom tomorrow as she is finishing junior school for high school, so I may post some pics of her hair and how she turns out tomorrow after hours of her getting ready.

After all I named the blog after her, so she's going to get an airing on here.

Do you have hair nightmares?

Or do you know any amazing products for different types of hair?


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Liberty's Must Have list: What I Want And Why

Anyone who is a beauty junkie has a good stash of makeup and skincare products already, but are always on the look out for what's new, and what they can get there hands on next.  If I have my eye on a new product, I'll have it on my mind constant even before I go to sleep until I can get it. I know it's sad but I'm being honest I can't help it.

The first item on my list is the beautiful looking: Guerlain Terra Nerolia Bronzer Powder...the reason I want this is because Guerlain are known for there amazing products and there are no exceptions to there bronzers.  This new one I really want is because not only do you get a bronzer but an orange blush in the middle with little segments of gold, this to me looks like an amazing sundial of stunning ness. This costs £44.00 and is available now from Selfridges.Com.
How I would justify the cost? You are probably thinking as I am gulp quite expensive but can be justified by tripling up as a bronzer, a blusher, and a highlighter, I would imagine this would look beautiful with a tan.

Select Colour
Bikini, Capri, Panama, Pareo

The second item in my must have list is Christian Dior Dior Blush Cheek Creme.  Why I want this, this cheek creme is described as light and creamy and not greasy.  This would be good for oily skins, and is listed as being able to give your cheeks a nice healthy glow,  the colours all look very wearable and knowing how wearable Dior products tend to be I would say from my own opinion I would want then all.. These again are available from Selfridges.Com and are priced at £24.00 each.  

As mentioned these are on my list of things I want I haven't bought or tried any of them yet.  But a girl can want, these are all sourced from Selfridges.Com and can be ordered online.   

Have you compiled a list of things you like?

Do you do lists of things you want in general?

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Stop the Fade:: With Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Creme

Anyone who colours their hair whether boy or girl young or old knows if you dye it a strong colour like purple or red or blondes or any colour knows that a few washes and the colour will fade.

Now I can only speak for nearly all the colours except purple, every colour I've gone you get the nice bright dazzling colour the day you do it then you wash it and the colour doesn't seem to look the same.  It's so annoying even when you try a wide range of shampoo to keep the colour locked in, we know that some work better than others but the colour never looks the same as when it's first done.

Aside from dyeing it every week which wouldn't be recommended for anyone what can we do??

Now il say to you about my hair, I've mentioned in previous posts, my hair is fine but with lots of it, my natural hair colour is mousy brown but for myself I don't like it that colour, so I've dyed it a lot of colours. My hair is past shoulder length now, and I'm trying to keep it in reasonable condition considering how much I've dyed it.  So I condition is as much as I can.  My hair is currently quite a bright auburn colour which I like but the colour does fade rapidly.

I love reading blogs as well as writing them and I had read someone's post and I feel really bad because I can't remember the name of it, and it had the best products for dyed hair to boost the colours. There was a few products in there and the Revlon Nutri Colour Creme stood out.  I googled the range and noticed there were quite a few shades, for blondes red heads purple, well worth a look.

i bought 740 which was a shade for Copper hair, gave my hair a wash, towel dried it, and then squirted some products on my hands (which I had plastic gloves on) although you can do it without, but not advisable really,  then rubbed through my hair, about ten pumps worth and then I combed through my hair, and left on for 5 minutes.  I rinsed it out thoroughly and then dried.  You use this in place of a conditioner, then I dried my hair.
And my colour was a lot brighter, so easy to use, and didn't leave my bathroom in a mess,

This product is great, I will be using this once a week in between having my hair coloured and to brighten it up..

Have you ever tried it?
And does colour fade really annoy you?

I bought this product from Ebay for £13.50 I know it's available from Amazon to.

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Hot Weather Suncare With Decleor Aroma Sun Expert

I've just come back from the beach, and my first thought for the next few days with the weather predicted as being scorching is to protect your skin and hair.  It doesn't matter whether you are pale or tanned or dark young or old to protect our skin is so important. There are loads of really good Sun care product around brands such as Nivea and Boots Soltan are fab.  Some of the sun care products are creams or sprays, and come out clear or green so you can see where you have rubbed in the product.

I bought the Decleor Aroma Sun Expert for the face and body both in SPF 50. I used it abroad and I didn't burn and I had a lovely tan and I know my skin was protected. So these two products are going to be used tommorow.

Another product that's great for home and away is PhillipKingsley Swimcap.  The purpose of this cream is to protect your hair from chlorine from swimming and protects your hair from the harmful rays of the sun.. To use you wet your hair and rub the cream through either with your fingers or a comb then go swimming or out and about then wash it out later.  I use this on my daughter who swims several times a week, she has naturally curly hair and I put this cream through her hair, and when she washes it out in the night her hair is not as knotty as it would be if I didn't use it.

So enjoy the sun and stay safe xxx

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Friday Fundays: Lets Make Us Blush: With Dior Rosy Glow

There's nothing nicer than having a lovely natural looking glow on your face, but it's how to achieve it, most people only seem to get that glow from either a nice walk in the wind....(not particularly a fan of that) or a good session at the gym (again not a fan of that) I end up with a beet root glow.

So I stumbled on the Dior "Rosy Glow" and looking at it you are probably thinking the same as me "wow" that ones bright and it is.  But there's a massive "But",  the colour is not as frightening as it looks.  The packaging Is elegant with a sleek silver case and Dior embossed on the case.  You open the case and you have a Dior brush to use, I personally use a blusher brush, and then that the pink section which has the letter D embossed in the powder.   Now once you have done what makeup you want to, swirl your brush into the powder and sweep onto your cheeks, now a word of warning, if its not showing up much DON'T be tempted to add more, as the blusher adapts to each and every skin tone and will give you the right amount of colour which usually shows up within ten minutes. So don't add any more until after this time or you will look like a pink doll.

This blusher costs £30.50 and is available from Debenhams.Com and Houseoffraser.com

Happy Friday to everyone
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Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Eye Palette Review

I received my bobbibrown Navy&Nude Eye Palette through the post earlier this week and I've been trying out some different looks all week. I love the packaging it's beautiful the casing is like a navy and black swirly marble design different to the standard black Bobbi Brown packaging.  The palette consists of eight shadows in the following shades:

Ivory, Cement, Blazing Star, Beige, Twilight Pink, Naked, Slate, Rich Navy.

Most of the shades are very neutral, earthy and blend able, Two of the shades Blazing Star & Twilight Pink are sparkly metallic so have little bits of shimmer in.

The navy colour is the strongest shadow although even though its strong, it's not in your face bright as I do think all Bobbi Brown shades are blend able and natural looking.

To apply I normally cover all the eye area in Ivory  as its a very light colour, I stick some Beige over all the lower eye socket, Then I apply Slate all over the lid then the Rich Navy colour in the socket close to the lash line and then I use the Rich Navy as a liner on my bottom lashes.

Do I like the palette? Yes

All the colours are blend able and look lovely all together, and gives you a pretty look to the eye
The colours won't date.

Is it worth the whopping price tag of £50.00 sadly not really I do think its a little over priced for what it is, maybe a few lip glosses and a blush should be thrown in to the palette and it would be really worth it then.

What do you think?

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Percy & Reed Foaming Treatment Mask Review

Percy & Reed haircare range what can I say? Well for one I've never heard of the range before until I was reading Julys edition of HarpersBazaar and the Treatment mask was featured in there, so being a cosmetics skincare and hair products massive fan I ordered it online.....oops there goes my debit card again, I ordered it from JohnLewis.Com and it costs £20.00.  I did think this was a little expensive so I was praying it was going to be good.   So this is the thing first of all the product is tailored for fine hair which I have a plenty. Although don't worry if you have a lucky luscious mop of hair they do another range of products to so check out Percyandreed.com for there full range of products.

So give your hair a wash and then squeeze the excess water out, shake the can and squirt a palm full on, then using a wide toothed comb place it in the mousse and comb through your hair working from the roots to the ends, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse out and style as usual.

So what are you left with? I really hoped something good and that the product would be good and do wonders for my hair and leave me with nice shiny manageable hair.
And guess what I blow dried and went to the mirror to see what my hair looked like.  And without sounding like "oh my look at my hair" but seriously my hair looked really healthy full of body and in lovely condition, I read up on the treatment mask and it is said to help the condition of your hair.  So happy days....I'm always in need of serious hair help.......

So would I recommend it?  Totally yes, it's an amazing product, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Forgot to mention smells nice but not of anything to over powering or anything I can describe to you.

Plus I love the retro packaging and design how cute.

If fine hairs not your issue don't forget to check out there range, I'm not paid by this company or any others all products are bought with my own money, i will always write honestly.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Alpha H Products Review

I have read so many reviews on Alpha H especially Liquid Gold which is the second product in my picture I thought I'd try it and see if it all lived up to the hype.  The Liquid Gold contains Glycolic Acid which is said to break down substances that bond dead skin cells beneath the top layer of skin,  it's those  cells that cause the clogged skin and blocked pores which leave the skin looking dull and not clear.  Lets face it a few years ago the thought of putting something on my skin that said the word Acid on would make me want to throw up, but technology over the years has resulted in products being tested not to be to harsh on the skin, so what were my thought on this product.
Well it does say on the bottle to use every alternate evening and you can put some product on a cotton pad and wipe over your face avoiding the eye area, followed by moisturiser or for a more intense treatment not to use moisturiser.
Now all I would say this all depends on skin type, if your skins ultra sensitive you would have to be careful that the product is not to harsh for your skin, it's not to say it will be, but it's always much safer to test say a small area first just so your safe than sorry.
My skins odd, it's combination and slightly sensitive so I did test it on an area first, the product mad my skin tingle a little, so I used it every third night just to be on the safe side, and I did notice a difference on my pigmentation and overall my skin appearance looked clearer. The only downside my skin did feel a little drier than normal.

I also tried the Alpha H Age Delay Night Treatment Cream, (this bundle of three products all came from QVC in a set). This cream has a blend of acids in, and you apply to your face neck and chest.  I thought this was a nice product and a rich cream, I used this every night for about two weeks and I think the only real difference it made to my skin was it did feel a bit drier in the morning.  I was a bit scared maybe I had stripped my skin of things I shouldn't have but really I did want it less oily and exfoliated and that is what the product does.  I'm sure this would make a big difference to someone who suffers from acne and really oily skin I bet it would be fab.

The last product in the set by Alpha H was the Absolute Eye Complex, this eye cream in my humble opinion is beautiful.   It's rich and hydrating and made underneath my eyes feel lovely cool and soft....Gush Gush Gush, but I cannot help but say if I really like something and I just found this lovely.   You just press a little serum around the eyes morning and evening. Now anything that helps reduce my eye bags or makes my eyes feel soft is a winner in my books. As far as wrinkles etc go luckily I'm not in massive need yet, but i swear the only reason I'm not is from using good products.
I hope this is the same for other people.

Have you tried any of these products?

Did you get any good results.

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