Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bargain Buy: Coppertone No-Rub Sunscreen

Whilst we are an enjoying a blazing heat wave we know we have to protect our skin.  And Great Britain as a rule is not used to heat like this and nor are we.  Although personally I love it, it may be too hot for some so I've been caking on sun cream galore.  I do love my Decleor sun cream but I've found another little gem that is a real bargain find.

I found Coppertone No-Rub sun cream in my local 99 shop, so I picked up 5, obviously even though I'm rubbish at maths they were 99p each.  Gave my arms and legs a quick spray and out the back garden I went.  Now it's a twist top lock on the can, and is factor 30.  The spray is clear and you don't need to rub it into your skin,  perfect for swimming as well plus it's great for children who are constantly running round, as getting them to stand still to rub the cream in you have got no chance of keeping them still to do it, so a quick couple of spritz,s and your done.

Really recommended and il be going up again to get another five I'm sure.

Enjoy the sun and don't burn.