Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Battle of the deodorants roll on versus spray

When the weather is hot outside it does seem to take us a bit longer to get ready plus our bags seem to get heavy because we have more products to take out with us, I particularly seem to grab allsorts to shove in my bag.

At the minute my handbag is consisting of loads but a few things I leave in there at the minute as its so hot so it's all of the above even the foot spray.

One factor of hot weather is even though none of us like to admit it we may sweat some might a lot and some might a little.  So unless we want to smell like a sweaty Betty then we need deodorant. Now I've got quite a few different ones but I'm sticking to Sure at the moment.  I've got the roll on versions and the sprays.
Which is best? Well really it's down to personal opinion.  I tend to use the roll on in the morning, as I tend not to get any white marks at the minute.  I take my Sure aloe Vera spray with me to reapply through the day.  As I don't like the though of putting a roll on onto a sweaty arm pit sorry for being gross. The Sure spray is good because its compressed in size now meaning its smaller in size but you still get the amount of spray of a larger bottle cool eh.

Another must on a hot day is my OdorEaters foot spray, I can't live without this as the smell of sweaty feet it something that makes me feel really ill.  So I can't say much about that other than keep your feet cool and then spray.

What do you prefer Roll one or sprays?

How are you keeping cool this summer?

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