Friday, 5 July 2013

Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Eye Palette Review

I received my bobbibrown Navy&Nude Eye Palette through the post earlier this week and I've been trying out some different looks all week. I love the packaging it's beautiful the casing is like a navy and black swirly marble design different to the standard black Bobbi Brown packaging.  The palette consists of eight shadows in the following shades:

Ivory, Cement, Blazing Star, Beige, Twilight Pink, Naked, Slate, Rich Navy.

Most of the shades are very neutral, earthy and blend able, Two of the shades Blazing Star & Twilight Pink are sparkly metallic so have little bits of shimmer in.

The navy colour is the strongest shadow although even though its strong, it's not in your face bright as I do think all Bobbi Brown shades are blend able and natural looking.

To apply I normally cover all the eye area in Ivory  as its a very light colour, I stick some Beige over all the lower eye socket, Then I apply Slate all over the lid then the Rich Navy colour in the socket close to the lash line and then I use the Rich Navy as a liner on my bottom lashes.

Do I like the palette? Yes

All the colours are blend able and look lovely all together, and gives you a pretty look to the eye
The colours won't date.

Is it worth the whopping price tag of £50.00 sadly not really I do think its a little over priced for what it is, maybe a few lip glosses and a blush should be thrown in to the palette and it would be really worth it then.

What do you think?

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