Thursday, 25 July 2013

Charles Worthington Hair Repair Kit Review

I'm always up for trying new products but having fine limp hair does restrict me quite a bit as products on times weigh my hair down and make it look greasy. Also as I dye my hair to death and have done since I was 19 it's been like a rainbow of colours and I guess it doesn't do my hair much good, but after going from blonde to dark and seeing all my greys I would never be able to never dye my hair again.  I'm now a rich auburn colour and as I have to keep up with the dyeing regularly I thought I'd better give my hair a treat.  So after a little visit to HomeBargains I stumbled on this little kit.  CharlesWorthington Hair Repair Kit, basically a home style salon treatment for your hair.

At the price of £3.99 I couldn't not get one.  In the pack you four treatments.
The pack contains

1. Pack of four shower caps

2. Bottle of Charles Worthington Hair Oil

3. Tube of Strength and Repair Shampoo

4. Intensive Hair and Repair Masque

To use, squirt some oil into the palm of your hand and massage through dry hair, if you have fine hair try to avoid your roots.  Leave on for ten minutes and add the lovely shower cap on, as heat helps penetrate the oil, and then rinse out with warm water for about a minute.
Then wash your hair with the shampoo, twice if you have fine hair.
Rinse out and then towel dry and apply the hair masque liberally then rinse out.

What are the results well it all smells nice and clean and you are left with lovely soft hair.  This kit is perfect for hair that's dry and damaged and needs a moisture boost.

Would I recommend it: yes it leaves your hair lovely.

I would try and use this once a week it's a little time consuming so it's defo for when you have a little time to yourself and having a nice pamper night.

Have you tried this?

What would you recommend for stressed out hair?

See you soon libertyxloves