Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Fundays: Hair Saviours

I've  mainly done this post today for my daughter Liberty's hair.  It will be great for people with hair like her, but also if you haven't the shampoo and conditioner are still really lovely.
Liberty is eleven with lovely brown naturally really curly hair, although her hair is beautiful it's hard work.  When she gets up in the morning it's a tangled frizzy mess and looks awful.  I'm sure anyone with curly hair either natural or not, does not like it frizzy.

The first products I use are the Olive oil shampoo and conditioner, I'd never heard or seen this range before, but whilst sat in the hairdressers the other day there was a lovely girl sat next to me with gorgeous Afro hair and she gave it to the hairdresser to wash her hair in before cutting.  So nosey me asked her how good it was etc and was it good for curly hair.  Well it turns out it is.  So I bought it from Boots priced at, £3.49 and for the conditioner priced at £4.07.  These products gently cleanse the hair leaving it clean and very soft also removes build up of other residues from other products. It leaves curls looking manageable and soft.  I also use it on my dry very coloured hair and it leaves my hair looking really soft and manageable.
You can never have enough shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom and these are a must.

Another product essential for curly hair Is Bumble&Bumble defining creme. This does cost a lot but you do get mainly on the whole what you pay for.  This costs £23.50 from Johnlewis.  You wash your hair with the shampoo and conditioner of your choice, I use the olive oil, then I towel dry Lib's hair and put a pea sized amount of the creme in my palm, rubs my hands together and scrunch it into her hair.  I also use tiny amounts to define her curls by twirling her curls round my fingers and then leave her hair to dry naturally. I've had this bottle for ages so it does justify the amount.
Liberty has her school prom tomorrow as she is finishing junior school for high school, so I may post some pics of her hair and how she turns out tomorrow after hours of her getting ready.

After all I named the blog after her, so she's going to get an airing on here.

Do you have hair nightmares?

Or do you know any amazing products for different types of hair?