Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday Fundays: Lets Make Us Blush: With Dior Rosy Glow

There's nothing nicer than having a lovely natural looking glow on your face, but it's how to achieve it, most people only seem to get that glow from either a nice walk in the wind....(not particularly a fan of that) or a good session at the gym (again not a fan of that) I end up with a beet root glow.

So I stumbled on the Dior "Rosy Glow" and looking at it you are probably thinking the same as me "wow" that ones bright and it is.  But there's a massive "But",  the colour is not as frightening as it looks.  The packaging Is elegant with a sleek silver case and Dior embossed on the case.  You open the case and you have a Dior brush to use, I personally use a blusher brush, and then that the pink section which has the letter D embossed in the powder.   Now once you have done what makeup you want to, swirl your brush into the powder and sweep onto your cheeks, now a word of warning, if its not showing up much DON'T be tempted to add more, as the blusher adapts to each and every skin tone and will give you the right amount of colour which usually shows up within ten minutes. So don't add any more until after this time or you will look like a pink doll.

This blusher costs £30.50 and is available from Debenhams.Com and

Happy Friday to everyone
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