Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Guerlain Terra Nerolia Bronzer Review

I previously mentioned this in one of my must haves, which is normally a list of things I want but haven't bought but things I want. But I did eventually pick this up.

The top picture shows the bronzer before use the top bits are gold, then you have the 
bronzer underneath and then the middle is peach blush. I was a bit scared to use it at first as looking at all the gold I thought looking at I would look like CP30 from Star Wars, but once the top layer of gold comes off you are left with the above which is a nice bronzer with lesser gold reflects in.

I wasn't sure at first I thought it all wouldn't work together but it does, I now love it.  I'm a bronzer fan anyway but I love the fact that you have a blush with it to. I use the bronzer over my temples and underneath my cheek bones and then the peach blush as my blusher.  It's all finely milled so looks nice on your skin, the bronzer smells lovely very odd for a product to smell nice and I'm not sure why this does but it does.

The Guerlain Bronzer is limited edition and costs £44.00 from John Lewis, House Of Fraser and many leading department stores.

Have you tried it yourself and what do you think?

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