Friday, 5 July 2013

Hot Weather Suncare With Decleor Aroma Sun Expert

I've just come back from the beach, and my first thought for the next few days with the weather predicted as being scorching is to protect your skin and hair.  It doesn't matter whether you are pale or tanned or dark young or old to protect our skin is so important. There are loads of really good Sun care product around brands such as Nivea and Boots Soltan are fab.  Some of the sun care products are creams or sprays, and come out clear or green so you can see where you have rubbed in the product.

I bought the Decleor Aroma Sun Expert for the face and body both in SPF 50. I used it abroad and I didn't burn and I had a lovely tan and I know my skin was protected. So these two products are going to be used tommorow.

Another product that's great for home and away is PhillipKingsley Swimcap.  The purpose of this cream is to protect your hair from chlorine from swimming and protects your hair from the harmful rays of the sun.. To use you wet your hair and rub the cream through either with your fingers or a comb then go swimming or out and about then wash it out later.  I use this on my daughter who swims several times a week, she has naturally curly hair and I put this cream through her hair, and when she washes it out in the night her hair is not as knotty as it would be if I didn't use it.

So enjoy the sun and stay safe xxx

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