Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I've Got A Job Interview: How Do I Look/ Hair & Makeup

I've haven't got an interview or anything but I'm just giving you a few tips I've learned along the way, I'm going to tell you what I've worn to different places and how I've done my hair and makeup.   And what I would recommend for you.  I'm only giving some suggestions it's not out of a book so you may agree you may not.  It's only some tips I've learned along the way.

For an office job or job where you are in contact with the public it's important to be tidy smart and clean.  It may sound obvious but I've seen so many people turn up for interviews who haven't washed there hair or who have stains on there clothes and its not a good look at all.  I would say roughly if you have long hair stick it in a smart ponytail but not with a scrunchie (I cannot abide them) if your a lad then neat hair is a must. And a nice pencil skirt and white blouse looks nice, for a man again smart trousers and a smart shirt.  Trainers or flip flops are a no unless its for a casual type of look you need.

For a sales assistant it does depend on the store if its high end like harveynicholls or Harrods then you really need to be immaculate.  If you have long hair I would put my hair in a bun using a donut.  Either on the side or right on the top of your head.  Makeup would have to be flawless so foundation or some concealer.  If your not used to much makeup then a tiny bit of eyeshadow and mascara. A lipstick might be a good idea as sometimes lip gloss can be a bit gloppy. And then your good to go.
If its a very fashionable trendy shop like GillyHicks then I wouldn't do that kind of look, I would go in the shop to see what the sales assistants are wearing. And base a look around that.
Say for instance if you applied for Topshop then you would wear something trendy and a current fashion look, makeup can be a lot more daring.

If you were having an interview for a cosmetics house again it depends on the brand.  If it was BobbiBrown then your makeup would be very clean and natural looking. By that I mean nice neutrals lovely earthy pinky tones. Nothing dramatic.  However if you went for Mac I would be much braver. You could experiment with turquoises and acid bright colours. Bright lips whatever you want but try and make sure it looks good and appropriate. Chanel and Dior again just smart colours browns pinks. And very smart clothes. It doesn't have to be expensive just clean and tidy with your own stamp is nice.

For cabin crew a lot is based on your appearance.  Your hair and makeup has to be really well groomed.  If you have roots (hide them) or put in a root touch up,  when I had an interview for a leading airline who wear red you can guess the rest (it was a good time ago) I wore a smart trouser suit,,,I spent ages doing my makeup that morning and opted to big up with mascara and I wore a versace lipgloss that was super shiny,,,I was nervous on the interview but I was myself and I did get the job.

All applies for men to be original and smart and well groomed. There's a lot of pressure on men to look good as well, and I don't think I've realised until now how much grooming some men do, I've seen some men with more maintenance than me. (I'm not too bad) I think just keeping on top you my roots and having nails done sometimes is not too bad, my friends have a list of things they have doing every week, I couldn't keep up, but then they do look amazing...

Hope this helps anyone

And what's been your worst interview experience....