Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Liberty's Must Have list: What I Want And Why

Anyone who is a beauty junkie has a good stash of makeup and skincare products already, but are always on the look out for what's new, and what they can get there hands on next.  If I have my eye on a new product, I'll have it on my mind constant even before I go to sleep until I can get it. I know it's sad but I'm being honest I can't help it.

The first item on my list is the beautiful looking: Guerlain Terra Nerolia Bronzer Powder...the reason I want this is because Guerlain are known for there amazing products and there are no exceptions to there bronzers.  This new one I really want is because not only do you get a bronzer but an orange blush in the middle with little segments of gold, this to me looks like an amazing sundial of stunning ness. This costs £44.00 and is available now from Selfridges.Com.
How I would justify the cost? You are probably thinking as I am gulp quite expensive but can be justified by tripling up as a bronzer, a blusher, and a highlighter, I would imagine this would look beautiful with a tan.

Select Colour
Bikini, Capri, Panama, Pareo

The second item in my must have list is Christian Dior Dior Blush Cheek Creme.  Why I want this, this cheek creme is described as light and creamy and not greasy.  This would be good for oily skins, and is listed as being able to give your cheeks a nice healthy glow,  the colours all look very wearable and knowing how wearable Dior products tend to be I would say from my own opinion I would want then all.. These again are available from Selfridges.Com and are priced at £24.00 each.  

As mentioned these are on my list of things I want I haven't bought or tried any of them yet.  But a girl can want, these are all sourced from Selfridges.Com and can be ordered online.   

Have you compiled a list of things you like?

Do you do lists of things you want in general?

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