Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Favourite Eyeshadow In The world:: Mac Club

When it comes to makeup we all have a favourite brand we like,, it's nice to experiment and that's something I love doing.  But when it comes to eyeshadows I have lots of different colours and brands and I like trying different looks.  But there's one eyeshadow I love and the colour is my Favourite and I know if you are reading this you may think so to...

As far as eyeshadows go Mac needs no introduction at all so I don't need to do that and the colour is the beautiful CLUB.

The colour is so beautiful it's like a multi tonal green with reflects of browns in and a bit of red. It doesn't sound like it would work but it does.  The reason I like it, is because it has so many uses. You can give it a light dusting over your eyelid and that looks pretty, or wear it like I have done lately wear mac paintpot in Constructivist on my eyelid and then Club over the top.  The reason I do that is the paintpot seems to hold colours nicely on the lids and gives eyeshadows more intensity.  I line the bottom lashes with club as well.  My eyes are a hazel colour a mix of green gold and brown and this eyeshadow I swear makes the colours look different every time.

I can imagine this colour looking great on every eye colour and really making some colours pop. And if you are really brave and are going on a night out then before now I've put club on the inner corner of my eye and put a purple eyeshadow on the outer that's nice for a funky look.  I've been really brave I think with my colours in the past, but I'm getting a bit older now (sshhhh) so keeping it funky but not wild anymore.

And as you can see from the swatch all the beautiful tones in the shadow.  Mac is brill for this and I'm sure you would agree if you went into Mac and couldn't find a shadow you like then maybe there's something wrong.  Love Mac because you get quality and don't get all the powder fall out of some shadows.

What is your favourite shadow and why?

And what's your bravest look?

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See you soon xxx