Monday, 8 July 2013

Stop the Fade:: With Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Creme

Anyone who colours their hair whether boy or girl young or old knows if you dye it a strong colour like purple or red or blondes or any colour knows that a few washes and the colour will fade.

Now I can only speak for nearly all the colours except purple, every colour I've gone you get the nice bright dazzling colour the day you do it then you wash it and the colour doesn't seem to look the same.  It's so annoying even when you try a wide range of shampoo to keep the colour locked in, we know that some work better than others but the colour never looks the same as when it's first done.

Aside from dyeing it every week which wouldn't be recommended for anyone what can we do??

Now il say to you about my hair, I've mentioned in previous posts, my hair is fine but with lots of it, my natural hair colour is mousy brown but for myself I don't like it that colour, so I've dyed it a lot of colours. My hair is past shoulder length now, and I'm trying to keep it in reasonable condition considering how much I've dyed it.  So I condition is as much as I can.  My hair is currently quite a bright auburn colour which I like but the colour does fade rapidly.

I love reading blogs as well as writing them and I had read someone's post and I feel really bad because I can't remember the name of it, and it had the best products for dyed hair to boost the colours. There was a few products in there and the Revlon Nutri Colour Creme stood out.  I googled the range and noticed there were quite a few shades, for blondes red heads purple, well worth a look.

i bought 740 which was a shade for Copper hair, gave my hair a wash, towel dried it, and then squirted some products on my hands (which I had plastic gloves on) although you can do it without, but not advisable really,  then rubbed through my hair, about ten pumps worth and then I combed through my hair, and left on for 5 minutes.  I rinsed it out thoroughly and then dried.  You use this in place of a conditioner, then I dried my hair.
And my colour was a lot brighter, so easy to use, and didn't leave my bathroom in a mess,

This product is great, I will be using this once a week in between having my hair coloured and to brighten it up..

Have you ever tried it?
And does colour fade really annoy you?

I bought this product from Ebay for £13.50 I know it's available from Amazon to.

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