Friday, 12 July 2013

YSL Forever Light Creator Serum: Review

When I heard YSL were bringing out a range of skincare I seriously couldn't wait until it was launched.  As I'm a massive massive fan of there cosmetics which I rate as brill I had huge hopes there skin care would also be so good.
As I'm registered on YSL.S website I was aware that if you had registered you could receive a text message from them and take your phone in to any stockist of YSL for a sample of the Forever Serum which would last you a week.

Off I went into JohnLewis straight to YSL and the lovely consultant gave me a generous 5ml sample in a box and everything.  She asked me for my contact details and said she would ring me in just under a week to ask me what I thought and maybe to see if I would buy it.

I carried on shopping then and thought I would push my luck and try Debenhams.  there's no harm in being cheeky especially as I thought it would be quite an expensive purchase if I wanted to eventually buy the full size. There wasn't anyone on the YSL counter so a lady from Dior kindly gave me 3 of the plastic square samples to try.
Off I went home with all my samples a very productive night I thought.

So here are my findings,::

After a week of using the Serum, which is quite a clear watery fluid I found after applying it to my cleansed skin my skin looked beautiful.  But then in the morning my skin had broken out I had a huge lump on my nose and one on my cheek.  I carried on with my nightly routine though and kept on using it, but every morning I ended up with a red lump somewhere else on my face,  I found everyday I had a red lump or spot in different places on my face.  Now as I've mentioned before I do have weird skin in that its combination but a bit sensitive so the serum may have been too much for my skin, or my skin was breaking out as it was a new product and my skin was getting used to it.  But in the end I stopped using it as I couldn't cope with the lumps every day.
This is not to say this product won't be fab for you I can imagine for lots of people it will leave your skin the best ever.
I'm also sure the serum will win heaps of awards because its bound to leave people's skin continuously glowing, just sadly not mine.

This is why I love samples so much as you really need to try things before you buy, as all our skins are different.
And this is an expensive item to buy if it doesn't suit you.

The YSL skin serum is available from most retailers, and from for £61.00 with free delivery.

These are the samples I received, well worth picking up some to see what results you get.

Have you tried it yet?

And what did you think?