Saturday, 31 August 2013

My August Faves

I can't believe how quick the month of August has gone I bet you can't either.  Back to school or college for a lot of people.  And the weather was seriously good for August so bet everyone managed to get out and about.  So in buying terms this month I've stuck together a few of my favourite items from the month.

First of my faves is Nails Inc nail varnish in Porchester Square, why I like this, you are probably looking at it think well that's boring? But believe me it's far from, on the nail it's a cross between a Mauve and a Nude but it's gorgeous because its classic and stylish and perfect for everyday wear without the boredom,.  This is now one of my day favourites and clearly others as its marked with a sticker saying hero shade.

The next one i've previously written about in cocoa butter is the fab Vaseline Spray & Go I like this one the best in Pure Oat the best.  In my books this is great smells nice and you literally do spray rub in quick and your done.  You can get dressed or do whatever you like as it absorbs so quick.  I've used it continuously now for a little while and I keeps your skin soft and hydrated.

This is brill for faking a glow, the Dior Nude Shimmer illuminating powder, il let you into my secret I put some of this at the top of my cheekbone and underneath my eyebrow arch, then I apply my blusher over the top, and you can see the glow underneath the blusher and it looks real.  Perfect for when your tired or if your skins looking a bit dull. Something I don't think I can live without now.

And lastly is the Philosophy Purity facial cleanser.  Nice and creamy milk like texture.  I find it better to swish some water on your face first pump a bit onto your hand and then massage it over your face and eyes.  Rinse off with water and your makeup is gone, although on the occasion I have had to use a separate bit of Eye makeup remover but that's only when I've gone out and done a smokey eye to the extreme.

So there we go all in all not a bad month.

What have your favourites been?

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Lots of love

Laura xxx

Friday, 30 August 2013

My First Blog Give Away

This is the first thing I've done as a hobby I actually absolutely love, I never find it a chore to write about lippies or skin stuff I love it, so I've only been writing for a couple of months but shopping for years and I've had so many lovely comments on my blog and I read them all and try and comment on them to.

So as I have a bit of a stash of products I've decided to do a giveaway to say thank you. All the products I've bought myself with my own money.

So here they are.

A laura mercier creme de pistache soufflé body creme (100ml)

An alpha h balancing cleanser (200ml)

Miracle oil (50ml)

All I would like you to do is to set your entry out by.

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All I would like you to do is either follow me on bloglovin or GFC and tell me why you like blogging as simple as that.

This giveaway will run from Friday 30th August to Friday 27 September till midnight.

Sorry it's not open to international entry's I can't afford the postage at the minute.

Thanks you so much for the support and good l love reading all your comments.

Lots of love

Laura xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Organix Moroccan Argan Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Always one for trying out new products and shampoo and conditioner you can't have enough of.  With a daughter with unruly curly hair and two little boys who sweat through the night (gross I know) they all need there hairs washed basically every day. So I saw the Organix range in Superdrug I liked the fact there's Argan oil in them so I bought them.

I do like nicely packaged things but if the products not good i would say regardless, this however is packaged nice in a teal bottle with gold so looks nice in your bathroom, I actually don't have stuff all around my bath I keep it all in drawers, but if you have it on display in your bathroom it would look nice,  I haven't used the products on myself but have my three children,  the shampoo smells nice and I only used a tiny bit on my two boys hair, they haven't got much hair, ones hairs fine and the others thick (chalk and cheese) and left the boys hair clean soft and smelly nice.  My daughters hair another issue again, long thick and very curly, I had to wash her hair twice with this and didn't lather much but I know that's supposed to be better as you know the shampoo contains less harmful ingredients. This left her hair clean and smelt nice.

So the conditioner I didn't use this on the boys hair, just my daughters, the consistency is nice and creamy what you would expect from a conditioner, enriched with Argan oil, the smell on the conditioner was nicer than the shampoo, I left it on her hair for five minutes and combed it through, once it was rinsed out her hair was lovely and soft and curls looked lovely, with natural curls I can't leave them without spraying other products on as well, but I would do this with any shampoo and conditioner duo.

All in all I liked these products and I would buy them again, I think they had a Moroccan oil range
Of shampoo and conditioners to, I chose the Argan oil as I've got a lot of products at home with Moroccan oil in already.

I bought this duo from Superdrug priced at £6.99 each.

Have you tried this range and what did you think?

Lots of love



Monday, 26 August 2013

Dior Rosy Glow Review

I'm a fan of blushers and bronzers as I'm very pale and look washed out without them so I do tend to pick up lots of different ones. Truthfully one of the reasons I bought the Dior Rosy Glow is after seeing Ruth Crilly use it from (a model recommends) I thought it looked so fresh and pretty I would try it, I knew it wouldn't look anything on me like it does on Ruth but I was hoping for a nice healthy glow.

The packaging is gorgeous I'm sure you would agree a nice silver mirror like case with Dior on the front, you open it and you have a mirror and a brush, personally I don't tend to use the brushes that come with compacts but this one is quite a decent one.  The blusher has all D's embossed into it but my are wearing off because I love using it.  And now to the colour a proper bright pink which does look scary but don't be put off it doesn't look like that on the face.

And here's a side profile of my face to show you the colour, now all I would say with this blusher go sparingly because the powder adapts to suit all skin tones. But it doesn't show up straight away, so you put a bit on wait a couple of minutes and then see how it looks.  You don't need a lot, so don't do what I normally do swirl my brush like mad and shove it on.

Another cheek angle, I really like this blusher, it's not a cheap one I bought it from HouseofFraser for £30.50 and did nearly pass out at the counter, but my justification was well I know I would use it regularly and as you don't need much it would last a while.  The only thing I worry about is me dropping it, I seriously would have a heart attack..

So what blushers are you using at the minute?

And are you like me if you get an expensive item do you worry about smashing it?

Lots of love


Sunday, 25 August 2013

How To Beat The Bullies

I've been meaning to do this for a while and it's right off the track when it comes to things I love such a gorgeous packaging pretty sparkly things and sweet smelling bottles of loveliness.. It's about something I really don't like and it's bully's.

Why I decided to write this was after seeing so much in the news about bullying and people ending their life because of it I thought I would share my experiences and maybe help people realise that you can get through it and come out the other end a much stronger person and be happy in yourself.

So about me I was born in Swindon but grew up from about three in Scotland.  I loved it there but moved to Wales when I was twelve, basically my parents didn't have much money so used to get me all my clothes from the charity shops. Not a good start nothing wrong with charity shops at all but I had all the untrendy clothes going between that a forehead full of spots, a boys haircut and shoes my nan was sporting at the time, I was a certain target for bullying and I bullying I got.  Names in school daily such as geek, Mongol every horrible name you could imagine.  I used to dread going to school as this was a daily occurrence.

I used to walk to my nan's every Friday it was only a ten minute walk from my home and used to bump into a group of about six girls every week. The name calling was awful and I won't put what was said on here but it was horrible. So every week I used to take different routes to my nan's but amazingly they always seemed to be there waiting for me. I used to feel sick to my stomach walking past these girls I was terrified but I wanted to go to my nan's, they used to push me and pull my hair I would get to my nan's shaking like a leaf.  After about a year of the torment I made the walk to my nan's and felt a bit different and determined for this to end. At the end of the road there they all were waiting for me, my stomach was flipping out but I carried on.  And the name calling began so I stood there turned round and said "which one of you said that?" And to my surprise no one answered they all just looked at me, and then the ring leader pushed a girl onto me and she started hitting me, and yes I know I shouldn't have but I hit back, I got the better of her, I got up dusted myself down and walked off, after that I was no longer scared to go to my nan's and the ring leaders spread the word and the bullying in school stopped.

I would never say to physically fight Is the answer but for me it was the only thing to do.  What I would always say for whatever reason you are being bullied whether its how you dress, how your hair is done, the size of your ears, don't not tell anyone tell your parents, a relative or your best friend. I didn't have anyone to tell and wished I could have.  A bully is someone who clearly is not happy with themself they can't be or they wouldn't be horrible to others,

So if you want purple hair and you want ten nose studs then do what you want and most importantly be you.  Don't ever care what people think as long as you are happy with yourself don't care!! Don't be who other people want you to be, BE YOU xx

It's taught me to be me and I will never apologise for me,  and it makes you stronger.  Don't let anyone pull you down strive to be who you want and you will have the last laugh over all the bullies.

Lots of love

Laura xx

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara Review

There is one item in life makeup wise I could not live without and it has to be mascara.  It doesn't matter what other makeup items you leave out mascara is one you can't. I'm sure most people's staple is mascara as it makes your peepers look a lot less tired than you probably are. And I think I have most brands of mascara's around so I'm never scared to try another.  The one I'm reviewing is the Rimmell Scandaleyes, these come in a variety of neon colours in shocking pinks and bright limes I love the colours, I picked up the shocking pink I certainly won't have trouble finding that in my makeup stash.

This is the look with one eye done can you guess which one?

This is the wand, truthfully I wasn't overly fussed with the wand as I didn't like the ball bit on the end
The only reason I don't like this is I tend to poke myself in the eye with it. It doesn't affect the mascara or anything I just prefer wands that are the same length even if they bend or curve I normally like them that way.

And this is the finished what did I think? Well for one its very reasonably priced you can pick it up for £5.00 at Superdrug so it's really good value, and it does give you a good set of flutters although I've used some better ones I certainly wouldn't knock this..

What makeup could you not cope without?

Please feel free to leave any comments

Laura xxx

Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Hair Care Routine

I don't wash my hair every day anymore as for one I don't feel my hair needs it, as I haven't got greasy hair and with it being a bright auburn colour it would only fade the colour more. So when I do this is what I use

I use the Loreal EverPure shampoo (I've previously written about) to wash my hair it's good for coloured hair plus it smells great to, and to condition it has to be the foaming treatment mask by PercyandReed previously written about seriously love this stuff it's brill for fine limp hair like mine it's weightless so doesn't leave your hair weighed down..

Once I've squeezed all the water out and then bumbled around like I do, I then spritz my hair with this by Macadamia this one is a healing treatment oil spray and again doesn't weigh it down and is enriched with oils to penetrate and nourish the hair.

When my hair is dried which I seriously hate blow drying, I always try to do it like the hairdresser but it never ever looks that way. I use the Redken satinwear blowdry lotion on my hair whilst its damp before drying, once it's dry I use the Fudge urban hairspray once I've styled my hair I love this as it smells of raspberry and vanilla it's so nice your hair smells gorgeous all day.

And this is it I love these products and they do give good results

What do you use?

See you soon

Laura xxxx

Friday, 23 August 2013

All About Me Over The Years Liberty Loves Makeup x

Sounds very self absorbing doesn't it, but the reason for this post is so you know who I am and I can tell you a bit about myself.  Mostly done through pictures.

And here I am as a baby I was born in Swindon and as you can see a happy chubby little baby. I lived lots of places as a litte girl.

This one is scary I was twenty here and a big fan of being pale with very dark hair at that time.

Another big change I was twenty seven here and used to go out all the time.

This one is when I was thirty seven on holiday so quite tanned in this one.

This one is me and my daughter Liberty doing silly selfies and the one above is me and my bestie,.

So about me, 

I love being happy 
I don't like rudeness 
I'm a caring person
I have a phobia of bananas
I like being spontaneous
My favourite colour is pink yes it's a cliche but I like it.
I don't like mess and dirt
I don't like flat shoes although I do sometimes wear flip flops 

The reason I started my blog was you can see from my pictures I've been every hair colour going and I've done every makeup look you can do, basically I've got a massive birthday next year my 40th so I know it's more important than ever for me to look after my skin, I've always loved makeup and pretty things so I want to share these things with you.  My daughter Liberty loves all lovely things like me, so here we are.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Original Source Coconut Shower Gel Review

As far as shower gels go I tend to pick them up every time I go shopping that's because by habit I do it, I'm also addicted to them and I go through them like no tomorrow.  So if you are familiar to my blogs you will know that I LOVE coconut so I bought the OriginalSource shower gel. Original source packaging reminds me of Philosophy packaging but a lot cheaper priced.  I picked this up for £2.20 from Boots so its not going to blow your budget or make you feel guilty for buying it.

I can't go into a massive ramble about it as it's a a nice shower gel it doesn't dry my skin and it smells nice. And that's about all I can say.  I like the range of shower gels that Original Source offer they are funky and they all smell nice so there's nothing to not like.  Some people can't use shower gels that are perfumed etc so there will be people who can't use it, but I would always skin test if you have sensitive skin or your skin doesn't react well to perfumed products.

As a girl who loves a shower and uses far too much shower gel that your supposed to I'm sure there will be a lot more blog postings about shower gels in the future.

Thanks for reading

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I buy everything with my own money and give my honest opinion about it,  if you are a pr company I would be more than happy reviewing your product, I would give my honest opinion on the item and would note on my blog post that it was a pr sample under review, if you would like to do this my contact details are: and or tweet me at libertyxloves.    Xx

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream Review

One of the first area of our body to neglect is generally our feet and yet we are stood on them mainly most of the day or cramming them into all types of shoes boots or whatever we wear on our feet.  I have to admit in really guilty of it and truthfully a lazy foot moisturising person.  So as the weathers been so warm for a while I'm kind of in between heels and flip flops.

So i picked up Burtsbees foot cream which I hoped would repair my feet and in wearing the shoes and flip flops that I have I needed to sort my feet out before I suffered severe feet shame.  The foot cream is coconut which Is one of my favourite smells, coconut reminds me of holidays and Bounty's and I love it.  So what's it like? Well it looks like honey from bees, the texture is a bit waxy oily so I was a little dubious about sticking this over my feet.  But with the state of my feet I am in no position to judge let me tell you.

So you can see from my picture what it looks like.  So after a bath I dried my feet and rubbed this liberally into my feet and kept massaging my feet until it had sunk in.  If you don't and you have lino or wood floor don't stand up and walk straight away or you will slip because I did.  So after you have done that you can stick some socks on (attractive for bed) and go to bed or not, and when you get up in the morning you will wake up with softer feet.  It does make a difference but only if you use it regularly.  Once I stopped my feet when back to there tough horribleness so I'm persevering with it.  It's the same with anything they aren't going to work if you stop using them.

What do you use on your feet?

Thanks for reading

Laura xxxx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Current Fav Nail Varnishes

I love my nail varnishes but have to hide them from my daughter as she pinches then all the time and I never get them back, I think nail varnishes are like clothes in that we wear are favourite clothes for a bit and then move on its like nail varnishes we wear our  favourites for a while to.  Nail varnishes are addictive to because you seriously cannot come out of Boots or Superdrug without buying a nail varnish.

I love Chanel nail polishes and think they are beautiful but I cannot be spending all that on a nail polish at the minute.

I can remember when I was a teenager and used to go up town with my friends shopping and I always tried to get at least one with my money.
And still I'm a big fan of polishes and here's a selection of some of my current favourites. I can't show you them on my own fingers at the moment as I've just had a set of acrylics done and they have been polished to so I'm trying to keep them tidy and out of my mouth....bit of a gross nail biter.

The first one is: OPI and the colour is called Red Square.  Why I like it, it's a beautiful red with gold through it.

The second one I like is ESSIE and the shade is Lady Like why I like this, it's a classic beige pink neutral colour simple but not boring.

The 3rd is RIMMEL the salon pro range and the colour is Peppermint why I love this is because it's a lovely bright aqua colour.  Simply cool.m

The last but not the least is by BARRYM this colour is Coral this is lovely because its nice and bright  and looks good on toes and hands especially with a tan.

We all have our favourites whats yours?

Laura xxx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Eye Care Reviews Do They Make The Cut

When it comes to ageing I'm sure most people will say the first area for it to show is around the eye area.  As its where the thinnest skin is plus as a rule, when we take our makeup off I think we rub the eye area harder than we should.  So we know as with everything if we don't take care of it then its going to show.  Not everyone's got time to pamper and prune themselves for hours but with a few simple tips you don't have to.  Looking after our eyes literally takes a few seconds a night and using the right products can have a good effect.
I've put together a couple of products I've been trying out lately and will let you know what I think. As with anything it's my opinion and it might not be how you feel about the product and it may work for me but not for you or vice versa.
 The first one is the one pictured above is Elemis Pro-Collagen Advance Eye Treatment.. The texture on this treatment isin't gel like or creamy is more of a watery texture, I normally use the syringe which is in the bottle and put about half of the syringe on the back of my hand and then pat round all my eye area. I normally just use this one in the night.

XxxThe Results:   Well it doesn't eradicate wrinkles but it doesn't claim to it does keep the area softer and does help with dark circles I would buy this again.

Another trusted brand AlphaH this eye cream is the Absolute Eye Complex. I had this one in a set I had bought from Alpha H. The eye cream is a gel texture which I find soothing on the eye area.  I literally use a tiny amount to dab all around the eyes.  Too much of gel like eye creams I find to heavy on the eye area and if you overload the next morning and you do your eye makeup it could cause your eyeliner to really smudge so you have to be careful.

XxxThe Results: Again not a miracle cure for wrinkles or bags etc but it did seem to rehydrate the eye area and keep it feeling soft,  Not my favourite but not the worst but I don't think I would re purchase it.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel. This one is more for hydration. The smell is lovely on this one, the texture is a cross between a cream and a gel and is very light.  This gel you pat in circular motions around the. Eye area,  it soaks in lovely.

XxxThe Results:  hydration wise spot on the eye area does look brighter, i would buy this again.

I won't make any secret of I am getting older and pushing the wrong side/right side of hmmmm late 30.s but I want to keep the eye area looking as best as I can.  I'm sure everyone Male or female feels the same.

So my findings might be great for you or you may hate all of them, or love them all.

Do you use eye creams?

Do they work for you?

See you soon

Laura xx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Review

Photo taken from Vaseline...

I had see in Boots on the counter they had these new Vaseline Spray moisturisers for the body, always one for a quick fix I picked up the coco butter one. The green one is Aloe Fresh the yellow one is pure oat the Brown is Cocoa Radiant.

I like the smell of cocoa butter which the brown one smells of.  There are no lids with these you get it as seen in the picture.

The claims from Vaseline are that once you have sprayed the moisturiser you rub it in and then you can get dressed and go.  Well is that the case? Well thankfully it is, and I always have good intentions to body moisturise and I do for a bit and then get bored and don't bother and then look at my legs and they are as dry as a rhino and I think to myself again why am I so lazy?   But I think this will eliminate the laziness in each of everyone of us.  Because unless you have got spare time to pamper yourself then we kind of don't.  

So you just spray as suggested and then rub in quite quickly and then you can get dressed and go.  I have to be honest I thought I would be left with a sticky tacky feeling but I wasn't.  I really think this is excellent and I want the yellow one next, I probably won't buy the green one the smell reminds me a bit of deodorant.  And on the plus my legs are looking less rhino and a lot more soft. Also my skin is not normally that brown and it's not fake, but due to the previous good weather and me having time off work I've managed to catch the sun on myself.  So for that reason to I need to use this and I've got no excuse now at all.  

This is available to buy from Boots now priced at £4.99

Thanks for reading, any questions please ask I will reply.  

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Project Mac Fill My Pallette

 I love my Mac eyeshadows, I won't make any secret of that as they are fab.  Why I like them the list is to long, but the colours they come in are amazing,  I do like neutrals but I love brights to, but as I'm  bit older now I can't go as bright as I used to.
So I picked up a palette so that I could customise my own and put in some of my favourite colours. My eyes are hazel so a mixture of green and browns so I've put colours in my palette to try and bring out the tones in my eyes.
I've done or started a line of neutrals and darker browns, a line of purples and plums and another line of greens.

Stupidly I can't remember all the names of what colours I've got but I can remember two as I can't live without them and they are CLUB and TWINKS
Club is the green I've previously written about I cannot ever not be without this it's my favourite and also TWINKS is the fierce deep plum/purple look lovely with every eye colour.

You can buy refills from Maccosmetics which you just slot into the palette, which I've had a few but I also had a couple of eyeshadows already and you can decant them and put them into your palette, there's loads of advice online to do this and on YouTube and it can be a bit fiddly but worth it to fill your palette up....

So my project is to fill in, so I need to pick up some nice colours to match the tonal themes in there. So il show you again once I get there and you can see what I've put in there.
What I also like about the colours is you can mix them up and they still look good.
There's a Cranberry colour in there I think it may be called that actually and that looks good mixed with browns and also the greens look good with purples to.  You can also use the colours as eyeliners to if you wet your brush.

So there we go this is my next little project.  Are you a fan of there palettes and what colours would you put in yours.

Thanks for reading

See you soon

Laura xxx

Some Summer Pinks & Nudes Before Autumn

I don't know about you but I've loved this summer I know it's not over and I don't want it to be, because let's face it weather wise we have had a really good one, with the heat wave and all.  I know some people have struggled with the weather being so hot but when the suns out it does make you feel a bit better.

Another thing I like about Summer is you can get your feet out, by wearing flip flops etc, and obviously wear Summer clothes, which beats wearing layers and layers of clothes in the winter.  And to me Summer is all about pretty pinks and nudes in the makeup sense, so I've put together a couple of my favourites hope you like them.

Bit of a mish mash but I like them and here is what they are:

ChristianDior lipstick in RosĂ© Elegante

Mac lipstick in Jubilee

Chanel lipgloss in 131

BobbiBrown lipgloss in Pink

Nars Lip Laquer in Baby Doll

See if you can guess which one is which....

Did you guess if not they are from the bottom up Nars,Dior,Mac,Chanel,and Bobbi Brown.

I'm also a big fan of neutral nail shades in the summer to, and I like Essie
Nail polishes. This one is called LADY LIKE and it's a lovely neutral shade. Don't get me wrong I'm in no means a makeup bore by that I mean I like all the brights under the sun but sometimes I just like
 my neutrals. 

With summer sort of fading away and I'm not trying to be depressing but with Autumn around the 

corner I'm looking forward to everything Autumn brings the cosier nights but also the new trends that come out such as with the new ranges of clothes and the makeup shades that come out to such as all 

the plums and rich reds how could we not love those to. I've also heard in all the magazines that rich colours are popular this autumn and strong lips like deep plums or dark coloured shadows on the lids. Looking forward to this for a change. 

Do you like neutrals or are you just a fan of brights?. 

Same applies to your nails a lovely neutral is good for summer and day to day wear and this one is one of my favourites this is Essie and the shade is LADY LIKE, it's one of my favourites.  I'm probably like anyone who has a love of nail polish have to many and to many colours.

So this is just a little post to say what colours I've loved this summer and we will be moving on to
another season soon AUTUMN and another range of trends whi no doubt we will love.