Friday, 23 August 2013

All About Me Over The Years Liberty Loves Makeup x

Sounds very self absorbing doesn't it, but the reason for this post is so you know who I am and I can tell you a bit about myself.  Mostly done through pictures.

And here I am as a baby I was born in Swindon and as you can see a happy chubby little baby. I lived lots of places as a litte girl.

This one is scary I was twenty here and a big fan of being pale with very dark hair at that time.

Another big change I was twenty seven here and used to go out all the time.

This one is when I was thirty seven on holiday so quite tanned in this one.

This one is me and my daughter Liberty doing silly selfies and the one above is me and my bestie,.

So about me, 

I love being happy 
I don't like rudeness 
I'm a caring person
I have a phobia of bananas
I like being spontaneous
My favourite colour is pink yes it's a cliche but I like it.
I don't like mess and dirt
I don't like flat shoes although I do sometimes wear flip flops 

The reason I started my blog was you can see from my pictures I've been every hair colour going and I've done every makeup look you can do, basically I've got a massive birthday next year my 40th so I know it's more important than ever for me to look after my skin, I've always loved makeup and pretty things so I want to share these things with you.  My daughter Liberty loves all lovely things like me, so here we are.