Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream Review

One of the first area of our body to neglect is generally our feet and yet we are stood on them mainly most of the day or cramming them into all types of shoes boots or whatever we wear on our feet.  I have to admit in really guilty of it and truthfully a lazy foot moisturising person.  So as the weathers been so warm for a while I'm kind of in between heels and flip flops.

So i picked up Burtsbees foot cream which I hoped would repair my feet and in wearing the shoes and flip flops that I have I needed to sort my feet out before I suffered severe feet shame.  The foot cream is coconut which Is one of my favourite smells, coconut reminds me of holidays and Bounty's and I love it.  So what's it like? Well it looks like honey from bees, the texture is a bit waxy oily so I was a little dubious about sticking this over my feet.  But with the state of my feet I am in no position to judge let me tell you.

So you can see from my picture what it looks like.  So after a bath I dried my feet and rubbed this liberally into my feet and kept massaging my feet until it had sunk in.  If you don't and you have lino or wood floor don't stand up and walk straight away or you will slip because I did.  So after you have done that you can stick some socks on (attractive for bed) and go to bed or not, and when you get up in the morning you will wake up with softer feet.  It does make a difference but only if you use it regularly.  Once I stopped my feet when back to there tough horribleness so I'm persevering with it.  It's the same with anything they aren't going to work if you stop using them.

What do you use on your feet?

Thanks for reading

Laura xxxx