Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel:: Review

I've had my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel for a couple of weeks now, I've given it a couple of weeks to suss it out and kind of form my opinion.  Basically it's a kind of cream bronzer that comes in one shade to suit all skin types and shades.

The packaging again is lovely but quite big so is bulky if in your makeup bag so I normally don't take it out and about with me, but truthfully I don't need to as it lasts about 8 hours on my skin which is quite oily weird skin.  The texture is like a mousse type consistency with tiny tiny flecks of gold in it to give you a very lovely subtle summer like glow.

I've tried loads and loads of bronzers as I'm pale normally and sometimes I embrace my paleness but other times I don't and I want some colour.  The good thing about this bronzer is its a very natural colour, but only if you get it right it's very trial and error.  And you really have to have a play around with it first to get it right.  The last couple of weeks I've been very heavy handed with it, I use my Mac
187 brush which is a stippling brush and I buff it into my face.  For instance yesterday I kept on swirling my brush into the Tan and buffing it onto my face and kept doing it, when I got home I looked like I was caked in gravy granules (I wasn't happy)  

Basically you do it right and it looks lovely, it's best for brushing into your temples and where your skin would naturally tan.  Don't be to heavy handed like I was.  

If your lucky to have a nice dark complexion it may come out as more of a slight glow.  

Not sure if you can really see my swatch as my hands are quite tanned at the moment but you may pick up some of the gold particles.

I picked this up for £33.00 I think as this product lasts for 18 months once opened, I would keep it longer anyway it's worth the money, plus as long as you don't plaster it on it will last you for ages..
On a very minor silly point my brush hairs love to settle in it so I do have to pick them out, but that doesn't bother me really, but may irritate some people.

How have you got on with it? 
Do you prefer to use powder bronzers or cream? 

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