Monday, 5 August 2013

Clayspray Review

I had never heard of Clayspray before I had been looking through Feelunique website and I came across it, they had an offer with it, if you purchased the Clayspray you would receive a free gift of a h2o spray.  Now I always say before I buy something as a rule I will try and get a sample first but with this I didn't have that option so I just took a gamble and went for it.

I love the idea of clay and if you go to a spa you normally can end up with some sort of clay treatment, but my normal feeling on clay is the mess and in the past any masques I've bought after a while the clay sort of drys up and ends up watery and gross.  But this one is now in a spray so I don't think you will end up with that mess.  So that's a clever concept as normally the normal method is so wasteful.

I chose the Clayspray for the face with red clay in and the GLOW option, this particular option has Mineral Rich Red Clay in with Spring Water & Caco.  So when it arrived I scheduled some time out for myself and had a go.  I'm a bit dippy so I thought you would spray It directly on your face, how thick thinking about it then imagine clay spraying everywhere uh no.  So you spray it into your palm and then rub it onto your face where you want it.  Being honest the smell of chocolate in it I didn't like, I only like chocolate in my mouth, but this seems to go quick.  You leave the mask on your face until it dries and then rinse off with warm water,

After I had rinsed it off my face felt clean soft and very clear, I would be the first to say if it didnt work but for me it did.  I know people's skin is different so it may not work for everyone but luckily it did for me.  The pluses of this product is I feel this would last you a good while, the negatives are it is expensive £44.50 to be exact from Feelunique but if you went to a spa for a treatment you would be paying a lot for that so only you can make that decision.  Personally I would re purchase I actually want Claysprays other mask in White Clay which is an exfoliating mask, and I also would like to try there White Clay And Lavender Formula for the body this one revives feet and legs yes please.

I'm not endorsed my anyone and everything in my reviews I buy myself and I write honestly about.

Thanks for reading