Monday, 26 August 2013

Dior Rosy Glow Review

I'm a fan of blushers and bronzers as I'm very pale and look washed out without them so I do tend to pick up lots of different ones. Truthfully one of the reasons I bought the Dior Rosy Glow is after seeing Ruth Crilly use it from (a model recommends) I thought it looked so fresh and pretty I would try it, I knew it wouldn't look anything on me like it does on Ruth but I was hoping for a nice healthy glow.

The packaging is gorgeous I'm sure you would agree a nice silver mirror like case with Dior on the front, you open it and you have a mirror and a brush, personally I don't tend to use the brushes that come with compacts but this one is quite a decent one.  The blusher has all D's embossed into it but my are wearing off because I love using it.  And now to the colour a proper bright pink which does look scary but don't be put off it doesn't look like that on the face.

And here's a side profile of my face to show you the colour, now all I would say with this blusher go sparingly because the powder adapts to suit all skin tones. But it doesn't show up straight away, so you put a bit on wait a couple of minutes and then see how it looks.  You don't need a lot, so don't do what I normally do swirl my brush like mad and shove it on.

Another cheek angle, I really like this blusher, it's not a cheap one I bought it from HouseofFraser for £30.50 and did nearly pass out at the counter, but my justification was well I know I would use it regularly and as you don't need much it would last a while.  The only thing I worry about is me dropping it, I seriously would have a heart attack..

So what blushers are you using at the minute?

And are you like me if you get an expensive item do you worry about smashing it?

Lots of love