Sunday, 4 August 2013

Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover Review

I've been using the Elemis cleansing balm for a little while now as I've previously written about, but you cannot use it on your eyes to cleanse or remove make-up.  So I thought I would pick up an eye makeup remover by Elemis to so I bought the Elemis White Flowers Eye Lip Make-Up Remover.  As an avid eye makeup fan (I wear loads) I can't just rely on cleansers alone to get off my eye makeup that apart from the balm.  There are a lot of really really good removers on the market I also rate Lancome Bi Facil eye-makeup remover it's fab to but I thought I'd try the Elemis one.

This eye-makeup remover is Bi-phase and waterproof so you basically shake the bottle to combine the ingredients together.  Squeeze on to a cotton wool pad and then gently press onto the eye lid. Then wipe away it does feel slightly oily but it does remove all my Eye makeup including my very stubborn mascara and even more stubborn eye liner. I also use this to get the remnants of my lipstick or lipgloss off.
Elemis uses plant extracts in there products and in this particular one there is white peony extract to hydrate and cooling white tea to soothe and refresh.

Lots of eye makeup removal products can be harsh and irritate your eyes and some in the past have
Left my eyes blood shot and sore but luckily not with this one.

I like the cooling feeling you are left with and I like the results you get, the removal of all my eye makeup.  I'm sure there are cheaper versions out there but in my humble opinion you normally get what you pay for and as the eye area is so sensitive and the first area to thin and age you have to protect it. So I'm all for keeping that area protected and as looked after as I can.

This is available from FeelUnique for £19.00

What do you use for your eye-makeup removal?