Monday, 19 August 2013

Eye Care Reviews Do They Make The Cut

When it comes to ageing I'm sure most people will say the first area for it to show is around the eye area.  As its where the thinnest skin is plus as a rule, when we take our makeup off I think we rub the eye area harder than we should.  So we know as with everything if we don't take care of it then its going to show.  Not everyone's got time to pamper and prune themselves for hours but with a few simple tips you don't have to.  Looking after our eyes literally takes a few seconds a night and using the right products can have a good effect.
I've put together a couple of products I've been trying out lately and will let you know what I think. As with anything it's my opinion and it might not be how you feel about the product and it may work for me but not for you or vice versa.
 The first one is the one pictured above is Elemis Pro-Collagen Advance Eye Treatment.. The texture on this treatment isin't gel like or creamy is more of a watery texture, I normally use the syringe which is in the bottle and put about half of the syringe on the back of my hand and then pat round all my eye area. I normally just use this one in the night.

XxxThe Results:   Well it doesn't eradicate wrinkles but it doesn't claim to it does keep the area softer and does help with dark circles I would buy this again.

Another trusted brand AlphaH this eye cream is the Absolute Eye Complex. I had this one in a set I had bought from Alpha H. The eye cream is a gel texture which I find soothing on the eye area.  I literally use a tiny amount to dab all around the eyes.  Too much of gel like eye creams I find to heavy on the eye area and if you overload the next morning and you do your eye makeup it could cause your eyeliner to really smudge so you have to be careful.

XxxThe Results: Again not a miracle cure for wrinkles or bags etc but it did seem to rehydrate the eye area and keep it feeling soft,  Not my favourite but not the worst but I don't think I would re purchase it.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel. This one is more for hydration. The smell is lovely on this one, the texture is a cross between a cream and a gel and is very light.  This gel you pat in circular motions around the. Eye area,  it soaks in lovely.

XxxThe Results:  hydration wise spot on the eye area does look brighter, i would buy this again.

I won't make any secret of I am getting older and pushing the wrong side/right side of hmmmm late 30.s but I want to keep the eye area looking as best as I can.  I'm sure everyone Male or female feels the same.

So my findings might be great for you or you may hate all of them, or love them all.

Do you use eye creams?

Do they work for you?

See you soon

Laura xx