Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hold On To Your Head: L'oreal EverPure Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner

L'Oreal EverPure

I've previously written about the other L'Oreal new shampoos around as I had tried the EverRiche version,  I  have also told you how mega coloured my hair is, and like everyone with colour in your hair I try everything to lock the colour in.
I picked up the EverPure versions for coloured and fragile hair.  You can get these from Superdrug or Boots for around £4.99 for each the shampoo and conditioner.  The new range doesn't contain Parebens and contains things that are less harmful to the hair and less harsh.

Il tell you first what I do to try and preserve my colour for as long as I can..  Once it's first coloured it looks shiny and glossy but day or two and it's in need of a wash.  But once you start washing it you know the colour will start fading but left with the choice of washing or not, us girlies or boys can't not wash our hair.  So I normally tend to wash my hair in cool water and likewise rinse in cool as well.  We are told good hair health is important for helping with coloured hair and I tend to agree with that,  
Now a days I use lots of products on my hair to try and look after it, I use this shampoo and 
conditioner range, and I currently am regularly spritzing with Macadamia Hair Healing Treatment to try and keep my hair as healthy as I can. 

Now back to the range, I love the packaging a very beautiful lilacy purple colour. Now to the washing, nice to wash your hair with leaves it really clean and my favourite thing of all the SMELL, this shampoo and conditioner smells gorgeous.
They are enriched with botanical oils I thought they smelt quite lavendery but apparently they have rosemary and juniper in, well whatever they are I really like the smell. 
I like everyone really like my hair smelling nice, and even once you have dried your hair, it still smells beautiful.  My hair was left soft and shiny I cannot fault this range at all.

Have you tried them what do you think? 

see you soon 

Laura xx