Sunday, 25 August 2013

How To Beat The Bullies

I've been meaning to do this for a while and it's right off the track when it comes to things I love such a gorgeous packaging pretty sparkly things and sweet smelling bottles of loveliness.. It's about something I really don't like and it's bully's.

Why I decided to write this was after seeing so much in the news about bullying and people ending their life because of it I thought I would share my experiences and maybe help people realise that you can get through it and come out the other end a much stronger person and be happy in yourself.

So about me I was born in Swindon but grew up from about three in Scotland.  I loved it there but moved to Wales when I was twelve, basically my parents didn't have much money so used to get me all my clothes from the charity shops. Not a good start nothing wrong with charity shops at all but I had all the untrendy clothes going between that a forehead full of spots, a boys haircut and shoes my nan was sporting at the time, I was a certain target for bullying and I bullying I got.  Names in school daily such as geek, Mongol every horrible name you could imagine.  I used to dread going to school as this was a daily occurrence.

I used to walk to my nan's every Friday it was only a ten minute walk from my home and used to bump into a group of about six girls every week. The name calling was awful and I won't put what was said on here but it was horrible. So every week I used to take different routes to my nan's but amazingly they always seemed to be there waiting for me. I used to feel sick to my stomach walking past these girls I was terrified but I wanted to go to my nan's, they used to push me and pull my hair I would get to my nan's shaking like a leaf.  After about a year of the torment I made the walk to my nan's and felt a bit different and determined for this to end. At the end of the road there they all were waiting for me, my stomach was flipping out but I carried on.  And the name calling began so I stood there turned round and said "which one of you said that?" And to my surprise no one answered they all just looked at me, and then the ring leader pushed a girl onto me and she started hitting me, and yes I know I shouldn't have but I hit back, I got the better of her, I got up dusted myself down and walked off, after that I was no longer scared to go to my nan's and the ring leaders spread the word and the bullying in school stopped.

I would never say to physically fight Is the answer but for me it was the only thing to do.  What I would always say for whatever reason you are being bullied whether its how you dress, how your hair is done, the size of your ears, don't not tell anyone tell your parents, a relative or your best friend. I didn't have anyone to tell and wished I could have.  A bully is someone who clearly is not happy with themself they can't be or they wouldn't be horrible to others,

So if you want purple hair and you want ten nose studs then do what you want and most importantly be you.  Don't ever care what people think as long as you are happy with yourself don't care!! Don't be who other people want you to be, BE YOU xx

It's taught me to be me and I will never apologise for me,  and it makes you stronger.  Don't let anyone pull you down strive to be who you want and you will have the last laugh over all the bullies.

Lots of love

Laura xx