Thursday, 15 August 2013

Liberty's Hall Of Fame: Decleor Aroma Confort Systeme Corps

I suffer from dry skin on my body and the ultimate in dryness on my legs so much so sometimes they look scaly sorry to gross you out but they do.  Hasn't really helped with the boiling hot weather (not that I'm complaining) but my legs have been drier than ever. Oh and not to forget my feet they get so dry as well.  I've got three children I'm not sure I've mentioned I know I've told you about my daughter Liberty and she's the reason behind the title of my blog.  But I also have two little boys so I'm constantly kept on my toes in every respect.  I look far from perfect but I try to look the best I can and is as little time as I can, so I know people will identify with products that are versatile, quick and effective.   And when you are pushed for time you need products that work.
Just because I'm a mum and all doesn't mean I still don't want to look nice and look after myself .  That was a piece of work wasn't it.....

So speaking of products that I think are amazing they get put into my hall of fame, in today's case it's Decleor Aroma Confort Systeme Corps.

I've used this for a while and Decleor have repackaged it as it used to be in a see through bottle, I think the formular is pretty much the same although it doesn't contain Parabens.  This is something I cannot not have in the bathroom.  I'll explain why in a sec.

The texture is light and milky as you can see from my arm swatch,  when you rub it into your skin you think it will take ages to sink in, but it doesn't it sinks in really quick.  And the smell is lovely. It doesn't smell perfumed or flowery or anything it just smells nice I can't explain of what, but it wouldn't mask any perfumes or anything.

This is my arm after I had rubbed in the swatch above, I think it makes your skin look really dewy and healthy.  Really moisturised and glowing and believe me as I've said I need it.  I also use it on my daughter as she has dry skin to and she's never came out in any reactions or anything.  But Decleor use plant extracts so I can't imagine there would be anything in there products to react with the skin. It is described as an envelope of moisture that encases the skin with a protective layer of moisturisation I would agree with this as its perfect.  You may not feel the same about it or it may not  work as well for you but if try it I hope you love it to.

You can pick this up from FeelUnique for £35.00 for a 400ml size.

Have you tried it?

Do you rate it like I do?


Laura xxx