Sunday, 4 August 2013

Liberty's Wish List Chanel Le Jour

As a beauty addict and make-up addict, obsessive, or in normal terms someone who hyperventilates when I get a sniff something new is being or has been released.  Scrolling the magazines to see whats new is something I relish which to other people may just be boring but not to me.
So when I heard from the Chanel counter that they had been working on this amazing new skincare line for the last 25 years I must have looked like a demented dog standing at the counter, apart from not having a tail to wag I was kind of stood there my eyes open like saucers mouth open at the thought of this new line. And obviously thinking "I want it!"

Il tell you a bit about it first: well you probably guessed from the picture there are three products
Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend

The Le Jour you apply every morning to the whole face and neck before the moisturiser of your choice

The La Nuit you again apply to the whole face and neck before the moisturiser of your choice

The Le Weekend on one day apply all over the face and neck avoiding the eye area.

The lovely lady at the counter gave me a sample of each of these so I'm currently in the process of the trying period meaning I'm trying it out. I would never buy anything this expensive without sampling.

And here is the bad news they are fiercely expensive £60.00 each for the Le Jour and The La Nuit
And £72.00 for the Le Weekend.

I like the idea of the concept of gearing your skin for a break and rest at the weekend and I have to be honest it would be friend envy having these in your bathroom. But it's a serious investment.

Could you justify it:

Well yes and no you could maybe pick up one a month...

I'm giving the samples a go and then I will let you know what I've decided, mind in girl shopping terms they would be £10.00 each,  if you know what I mean (wink)

See you soon