Thursday, 1 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

You may have heard about the Maybelline Baby Lips that are due to hit us this month but you may be unsure what its all about.
Well the baby lips are a lip balm loaded with Vitamin E and aloe leaf extract.

I've been luckily enough to get one of these before they are officially released in the UK in August, I did have to order it from America though.  When the one I ordered arrived (Peach Kiss) I loved the funky bright packaging. It is the typical size of lip balms the difference with this one is the smell, the smell is lovely, quite like Starbursts so I did kind of want to eat it. My lips felt so soft and lovely with the balm on them.
After a day with the balm on my lips they were soft all day and also how could I forget to mention you get a slight sheen of colour on your lips. Depending on which one you pick up will depend on what colour you get on your lips.  Mine was a soft peachy sheen.

I'm not sure of the actual date of the release but I know they will be available at Boots & I would imagine Superdrug the price is around £4 or £5.

There are 6 varieties you can choose from.  I will definitely pick some more of these up when they are here, great to have in your bag keeps your lips conditioned and gives a hint of colour what more do you want.

Are you going to get one?

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See you soon xxx