Saturday, 31 August 2013

My August Faves

I can't believe how quick the month of August has gone I bet you can't either.  Back to school or college for a lot of people.  And the weather was seriously good for August so bet everyone managed to get out and about.  So in buying terms this month I've stuck together a few of my favourite items from the month.

First of my faves is Nails Inc nail varnish in Porchester Square, why I like this, you are probably looking at it think well that's boring? But believe me it's far from, on the nail it's a cross between a Mauve and a Nude but it's gorgeous because its classic and stylish and perfect for everyday wear without the boredom,.  This is now one of my day favourites and clearly others as its marked with a sticker saying hero shade.

The next one i've previously written about in cocoa butter is the fab Vaseline Spray & Go I like this one the best in Pure Oat the best.  In my books this is great smells nice and you literally do spray rub in quick and your done.  You can get dressed or do whatever you like as it absorbs so quick.  I've used it continuously now for a little while and I keeps your skin soft and hydrated.

This is brill for faking a glow, the Dior Nude Shimmer illuminating powder, il let you into my secret I put some of this at the top of my cheekbone and underneath my eyebrow arch, then I apply my blusher over the top, and you can see the glow underneath the blusher and it looks real.  Perfect for when your tired or if your skins looking a bit dull. Something I don't think I can live without now.

And lastly is the Philosophy Purity facial cleanser.  Nice and creamy milk like texture.  I find it better to swish some water on your face first pump a bit onto your hand and then massage it over your face and eyes.  Rinse off with water and your makeup is gone, although on the occasion I have had to use a separate bit of Eye makeup remover but that's only when I've gone out and done a smokey eye to the extreme.

So there we go all in all not a bad month.

What have your favourites been?

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