Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Current Fav Nail Varnishes

I love my nail varnishes but have to hide them from my daughter as she pinches then all the time and I never get them back, I think nail varnishes are like clothes in that we wear are favourite clothes for a bit and then move on its like nail varnishes we wear our  favourites for a while to.  Nail varnishes are addictive to because you seriously cannot come out of Boots or Superdrug without buying a nail varnish.

I love Chanel nail polishes and think they are beautiful but I cannot be spending all that on a nail polish at the minute.

I can remember when I was a teenager and used to go up town with my friends shopping and I always tried to get at least one with my money.
And still I'm a big fan of polishes and here's a selection of some of my current favourites. I can't show you them on my own fingers at the moment as I've just had a set of acrylics done and they have been polished to so I'm trying to keep them tidy and out of my mouth....bit of a gross nail biter.

The first one is: OPI and the colour is called Red Square.  Why I like it, it's a beautiful red with gold through it.

The second one I like is ESSIE and the shade is Lady Like why I like this, it's a classic beige pink neutral colour simple but not boring.

The 3rd is RIMMEL the salon pro range and the colour is Peppermint why I love this is because it's a lovely bright aqua colour.  Simply cool.m

The last but not the least is by BARRYM this colour is Coral this is lovely because its nice and bright  and looks good on toes and hands especially with a tan.

We all have our favourites whats yours?

Laura xxx