Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Organix Moroccan Argan Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Always one for trying out new products and shampoo and conditioner you can't have enough of.  With a daughter with unruly curly hair and two little boys who sweat through the night (gross I know) they all need there hairs washed basically every day. So I saw the Organix range in Superdrug I liked the fact there's Argan oil in them so I bought them.

I do like nicely packaged things but if the products not good i would say regardless, this however is packaged nice in a teal bottle with gold so looks nice in your bathroom, I actually don't have stuff all around my bath I keep it all in drawers, but if you have it on display in your bathroom it would look nice,  I haven't used the products on myself but have my three children,  the shampoo smells nice and I only used a tiny bit on my two boys hair, they haven't got much hair, ones hairs fine and the others thick (chalk and cheese) and left the boys hair clean soft and smelly nice.  My daughters hair another issue again, long thick and very curly, I had to wash her hair twice with this and didn't lather much but I know that's supposed to be better as you know the shampoo contains less harmful ingredients. This left her hair clean and smelt nice.

So the conditioner I didn't use this on the boys hair, just my daughters, the consistency is nice and creamy what you would expect from a conditioner, enriched with Argan oil, the smell on the conditioner was nicer than the shampoo, I left it on her hair for five minutes and combed it through, once it was rinsed out her hair was lovely and soft and curls looked lovely, with natural curls I can't leave them without spraying other products on as well, but I would do this with any shampoo and conditioner duo.

All in all I liked these products and I would buy them again, I think they had a Moroccan oil range
Of shampoo and conditioners to, I chose the Argan oil as I've got a lot of products at home with Moroccan oil in already.

I bought this duo from Superdrug priced at £6.99 each.

Have you tried this range and what did you think?

Lots of love