Friday, 16 August 2013

Project Mac Fill My Pallette

 I love my Mac eyeshadows, I won't make any secret of that as they are fab.  Why I like them the list is to long, but the colours they come in are amazing,  I do like neutrals but I love brights to, but as I'm  bit older now I can't go as bright as I used to.
So I picked up a palette so that I could customise my own and put in some of my favourite colours. My eyes are hazel so a mixture of green and browns so I've put colours in my palette to try and bring out the tones in my eyes.
I've done or started a line of neutrals and darker browns, a line of purples and plums and another line of greens.

Stupidly I can't remember all the names of what colours I've got but I can remember two as I can't live without them and they are CLUB and TWINKS
Club is the green I've previously written about I cannot ever not be without this it's my favourite and also TWINKS is the fierce deep plum/purple look lovely with every eye colour.

You can buy refills from Maccosmetics which you just slot into the palette, which I've had a few but I also had a couple of eyeshadows already and you can decant them and put them into your palette, there's loads of advice online to do this and on YouTube and it can be a bit fiddly but worth it to fill your palette up....

So my project is to fill in, so I need to pick up some nice colours to match the tonal themes in there. So il show you again once I get there and you can see what I've put in there.
What I also like about the colours is you can mix them up and they still look good.
There's a Cranberry colour in there I think it may be called that actually and that looks good mixed with browns and also the greens look good with purples to.  You can also use the colours as eyeliners to if you wet your brush.

So there we go this is my next little project.  Are you a fan of there palettes and what colours would you put in yours.

Thanks for reading

See you soon

Laura xxx