Friday, 16 August 2013

Some Summer Pinks & Nudes Before Autumn

I don't know about you but I've loved this summer I know it's not over and I don't want it to be, because let's face it weather wise we have had a really good one, with the heat wave and all.  I know some people have struggled with the weather being so hot but when the suns out it does make you feel a bit better.

Another thing I like about Summer is you can get your feet out, by wearing flip flops etc, and obviously wear Summer clothes, which beats wearing layers and layers of clothes in the winter.  And to me Summer is all about pretty pinks and nudes in the makeup sense, so I've put together a couple of my favourites hope you like them.

Bit of a mish mash but I like them and here is what they are:

ChristianDior lipstick in Rosé Elegante

Mac lipstick in Jubilee

Chanel lipgloss in 131

BobbiBrown lipgloss in Pink

Nars Lip Laquer in Baby Doll

See if you can guess which one is which....

Did you guess if not they are from the bottom up Nars,Dior,Mac,Chanel,and Bobbi Brown.

I'm also a big fan of neutral nail shades in the summer to, and I like Essie
Nail polishes. This one is called LADY LIKE and it's a lovely neutral shade. Don't get me wrong I'm in no means a makeup bore by that I mean I like all the brights under the sun but sometimes I just like
 my neutrals. 

With summer sort of fading away and I'm not trying to be depressing but with Autumn around the 

corner I'm looking forward to everything Autumn brings the cosier nights but also the new trends that come out such as with the new ranges of clothes and the makeup shades that come out to such as all 

the plums and rich reds how could we not love those to. I've also heard in all the magazines that rich colours are popular this autumn and strong lips like deep plums or dark coloured shadows on the lids. Looking forward to this for a change. 

Do you like neutrals or are you just a fan of brights?. 

Same applies to your nails a lovely neutral is good for summer and day to day wear and this one is one of my favourites this is Essie and the shade is LADY LIKE, it's one of my favourites.  I'm probably like anyone who has a love of nail polish have to many and to many colours.

So this is just a little post to say what colours I've loved this summer and we will be moving on to
another season soon AUTUMN and another range of trends whi no doubt we will love.