Monday, 12 August 2013

Take It All Off: Philosophy Purity Cleanser

This is a one stop cleanser, Purity by Philosophy is suitable for all skin types, the formula is very light and breaks down and dissolves grease dirt and grime.  The cleanser keeps your skin clean and pores clean.
When I say one stop cleanser what I mean is with this one you can use it around the eyes to remove your eye makeup, so basically you can remove everything from your face.

The packaging is simplistic and clean looking.  Philosophy products generally have a write up on the front for example Purity has a description of the meaning of it on the bottle.  There are other cheaper brands around who follow suit but I think Philosophy were the first to jump on this wagon.

I picked up my massive bottle of Purity from QVC for 3 easy payments of £13.00, that means you 
Get the cleanser and pay it over three months with QVC Interest free how cool is that? 

You can see from my swatch that the texture of the cleanser is very light and milky it's not creamy.  So basically you massage it all over your face and rinse off with warm water.  If your not a fan of rinse off cleansers this wont be for you.  But if you want a cleanser that's quick, not harsh on your skin and doesn't leave it tight red and irritated then its a good one to go for.  This would be lovely I think for teenagers who struggle with oily congested skin, this would keep there skin clean
Without too much hard work.  

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