Saturday, 17 August 2013

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Review

Photo taken from Vaseline...

I had see in Boots on the counter they had these new Vaseline Spray moisturisers for the body, always one for a quick fix I picked up the coco butter one. The green one is Aloe Fresh the yellow one is pure oat the Brown is Cocoa Radiant.

I like the smell of cocoa butter which the brown one smells of.  There are no lids with these you get it as seen in the picture.

The claims from Vaseline are that once you have sprayed the moisturiser you rub it in and then you can get dressed and go.  Well is that the case? Well thankfully it is, and I always have good intentions to body moisturise and I do for a bit and then get bored and don't bother and then look at my legs and they are as dry as a rhino and I think to myself again why am I so lazy?   But I think this will eliminate the laziness in each of everyone of us.  Because unless you have got spare time to pamper yourself then we kind of don't.  

So you just spray as suggested and then rub in quite quickly and then you can get dressed and go.  I have to be honest I thought I would be left with a sticky tacky feeling but I wasn't.  I really think this is excellent and I want the yellow one next, I probably won't buy the green one the smell reminds me a bit of deodorant.  And on the plus my legs are looking less rhino and a lot more soft. Also my skin is not normally that brown and it's not fake, but due to the previous good weather and me having time off work I've managed to catch the sun on myself.  So for that reason to I need to use this and I've got no excuse now at all.  

This is available to buy from Boots now priced at £4.99

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