Sunday, 11 August 2013

What I've been doing::: Legoland Windsor

Hi everyone haven't posted in a few days as I've been doing a few road trips, I.e been to a zoo one day and to one of my favourite places Legoland Windsor.

It's all not very makeup and skin care related but it's just to say I haven't had time to post because been really busy screaming on rides and running away from wasps.  I actually have been to Legoland before but never in the school holidays and wow it was busy.  I did two days there and think you need that in the school holidays as its so busy and the queuing times for the major rides are an hour plus. And with some impatient children and being hot can be a bit stressful but there's so much going on it kind of helps with the waiting times.

There is a lot of walking involved at the park so be prepared for lots of hilly walking so feet glamour is out the window, although I did see some ladies in heels and I thought to myself oh bless they will be in feet agony at the end of the day. I wore legging and a smart top and nice flip flops I don't really like casual wear for myself but you have to look reasonably tidy.

There are lots of rides there for young and old and lots to do so I recommend it for a day out or on busy times as I said do a couple of days.  It's not cheap to get in there but there are loads of good offers as some national newspapers do good deals Also you can collect special offers on the backs of cereal boxes and you can collect your Tesco clubcard vouchers, so you can do it cheaper.

I come out well on the photos didn't I ha ha.  I am a right geek with something's to be honest and I was in awe of some of the lego displays, I mean they are so clever and all the Time effort and patience amazing.

This was one of my favourites London baby, the Tower of London this was fab,  there were loads like this in Mini Land and I loved looking at these. Also not being to far away from London Heathrow there are planes flying over all the time so I loved that, also driving through Ascot as well to get there
I saw some amazing houses (not jealous much) I was thinking wow.
But I'm home now back to reality and my first priority was a nice bath soak my tired feet and I plastered myself in my LauraMercier body soufflĂ© and my sample of my Chanel Le Weekend on my face.
If I go again I would love to stay at the legoland Hotel which is on site but its some serious bucks so I'm not sure if I could.

Have you been and what did you think?

Oh and beware there are loads of wasps so be careful and my little boy did get stung on his arm, he really wasn't impressed.