Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumn/Winter Essentials - Wish List

This is a post to round up my competition of #blogyoursocksoffseptember basically I have blogged everyday in September, anyone who slates bloggers has no idea how hard work it is.  Also bloggers who work and have children or other commitments on top the journey is harder.
I like doing these posts it's basically a wish list of things I've seen "I've got my eye on" and would really like.  Whether I get them or not is a normal story.
The first on my list is this gorgeous leather jacket from riverisland it's so nice this really is my favourite at the moment it's a bit of an expensive hit though £200.00 but I bet it would last years.

The next item I love is by Nars and is called La Paz it's like a beautiful Orchid colour and I think this would look beautiful with simple clean makeup.  This costs £18.50 from

Another thing on my list is one of the new Line of nail varnishes from lizearle this one is called 
Pure Poetry I haven't tried anything from her cosmetics line but judging from that line I'm sure this will be a good one to.  This is priced at £7.50 and is available from

I love these riding boots from next as well the top part is an oxblood colour you may guess I'm loving this colour at the moment,  these are priced at £100.00 and would look nice with skinnys tucked in or leggings. 

Continuing the burgundy/wine/ trend last but not least an eyeshadow from ELF these are single eyeshadows and there's loads of colour choices priced at £3.38 a super bargain, and rocking on trend with some black eyeliner...

I wonder if I manage to get any of these lovely items 

Do you write a list of things you would really like or do you just go out shopping and pick up things you like?

Lots of love 

Laura xx

The Best Budget Hairspray: Fudge Urban

When it comes to hairspray I don't like anything too sticky tacky or makes my hair feel all crispy.  But I tend to use it most days as I tie my hair back in a bun or a ponytail for work and spray it with a hairspray to keep all my flyaway's at bay.  If you read my posts regularly then you may know I've got  really fine flyaway hair and need hairspray otherwise my hair looks mad.

So after spending a usual half an hour or so in Superdrug I came across the range of Fudge Urban products I grabbed the hairspray which smells of raspberry & vanilla.

I can't say hundreds of things about it as its a hairspray, but the most important factors for me where that it holds my hair, it doesn't make your hair stiff and the smell is absolutely amazing. If I wear my hair down I can smell it all day.

The only trouble and downside for me is I have to go and get it out of my daughters bedroom nearly every day as she pinches it to style her hair everyday for school.

It's a must have for all the right reasons plus it's a brill price to £4.99 from Superdrug

You need it in your cupboard this autumn and winter to keep your hair in place.

Lots of love

Laura xxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyes Review

I love these little pots and they are not something I've just gone out on a whim and got I've collected them over time.  I was drawn to them by Lisa Eldridge who works with Chanel products often and she had used the shade Ebloui which is a rich warm burgundy shade and I really liked it so it lend on to me getting the others.

And here they are so from the top left they are Ebloui then Mirifique and Illusoire and Epatant and Apparition.

They are worth every penny as they are multifunctional not only can you use them on your lids you can use them as eyeliner to.  I won't use their names but describe with the colours the navy one is amazing as its so rich the colour isn't flat they are full of life and are pigmented with sparkle and different colours. The navy and black look great as a eyeliner on the top lid and the green looks nice all over the lid with black or navy as liner, so many uses and beautiful.

My hand swatch probably doesn't do the colours much justice to show you how lovely they are but you can hopefully see that they are quite an intense colour if uses heavily but you can use them as heavy or light as you want and I'm sure you will love them as much as I do.

Priced at £24.00 from houseoffraser they are no means a bargain buy but I have had some if them for months and are seeming to last me for a while.


Laura xx

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Opi Russian Navy & Nails Inc Devonshire Street

I'm really embracing nail varnishes at the moment (you may have guessed) but as a nail biter I've started having acrylics put on to stop myself doing it. So all the lovely colours I like are going on the nails.  I really like plums and burgundy's for this autumn but I've decided to do a look completely different.  The colours above were both on my wish list and I've got them now and I'm not disappointed.  The darker shade is the OPI  Russian Navy to describe I would say the colour is a dark navy with a tinge of purple through it.  It's a classy colour and not flat and boring.
The NailsInc is called Devonshire Street is a disco popping glitter, I wouldn't wear this on all my nails as for me it's too much so I do it on one nail on each hand.

The OPI Russian Navy:

The NailsInc Devonshire Street:

The reason I'm liking and making such a thing about nails at the moment is no matter how yuck you feel or whatever you have on you look well groomed and tidy with nice nails.

And here they are you can see how glittery the Nails Inc one is and how I wouldn't have it on all my nails not that there's anything wrong with it, but think the look is more suited for my daughter.

Are you rocking any nail looks at the moment::::

Lots of love

Laura xx


Friday, 27 September 2013

This Or That Beauty Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Ashley at I'm quite liking these posts they are fun. So here's my own.


1. Blush or Bronzer  - Blush
2. Lip Gloss or Lip Stick - Lip Gloss
3. Eyeliner or Mascara - Eyeliner
4. Foundation or Concealer - Foundation
5. Natural or Coloured Eye Shadow - Coloured
6. Pressed or Loose Eye Shadow - Pressed
7. Brush or Sponge - Brush


1. Opi or China Glaze - OPI
2. Long or Short - Short
3. Acrylic or Natural - Acrylic
4. Bright or Dark - Dark
5. Flower or No Flower - No Flower


1. Perfume or Body Splash - Perfume
2. Lotion or Body Butter - Lotion
3. Body Wash or Soap - Body Wash
4. Lush or Other - ?


Jeans or Sweat Pants - Jeans
Long Sleeves or Short Sleeved - Short Sleeved
Dress or Skirt - Dress
Scarves or Hat - Scarves
Studs or Dangling Earrings - Studs
Necklace or Bracelet - Bracelet
Heels or Flats - Heels
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots - Neither
Jackets or Hoodies - Jackets
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - Who are they?


1. Curly or Straight - Straight
Bun or Ponytail - Ponytail
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips - Bobby Pins
Hairspray or Gel - Hairspray
Long or Short - Long
Dark or Light - Dark
Side Swept Bangs or Fully Bangs - Side Swept Bangs
Up or Down - Up

Random: Rain or Shine - Shine
Summer or Winter - Summer
Fall or Spring - Fall
Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate

I hope you enjoyed this: breaks up the swatching doesn't it:

Lots of love

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Limited Edition

I struggled to get the limited edition LizEarle Cleanse & Polish in Grapefruit & Patchouli but I eventually got in from QVC.  I like the original cleanse & polish as I find it to be super gentle and effective at cleansing and removing all my makeup.

So a limited edition version appealed to me with essential oils of Grapefruit and Patchouli (no idea what this is) but sounds effective. So after a bit of googling what it is I found out its a species of plant I kind of guessed that.  It's a bushy herb of the herb family. That's all I needed to know.  With all the same principles as the original cleanse & polish with the addition of the plant extracts and the fancy looking bottle.

So on a dry face rub in one or two pumps of products in and massage over your neck and face and you can use over your eyes to.  Once you have massaged it in, wet your Muslim cloth you get with the product and wipe over your face and your makeup will be on it, don't worry you can stick it in the washing machine. The smell is not over powering only a mild hint of grapefruit a slight clayish smell and a clean smell,,I can't explain it any other way. The results lovely soft skin, clean and makeup free.
It's no wonder the original cleanse and polish has won so many awards its so good.

My only gripe is as this is limited-edition I don't think they have any plans to bring it back.

I did email lizearle to ask if they may bring it back and they said "they had no plans to but it may depend maybe in the future" I hope they do, I get really cheesed off when good products don't come back.

This would be suitable for nearly all skin types it's so gentle.

See you soon

Laura xx

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

I was tagged by the lovely and inspiring Jess from to share with you all my how much my face is worth.  So what I did was just total up what I use on a daily basis makeup wise on my face.  Just add up the total and see how much you spend on your face I didn't total up brushes or anything else just the products I used. So here are the products:

YSL Touche Éclat Foundation:: £28.00

Dior Rosy Glow Blusher: £30.50

Laura Mercier: Gel Brow Definer: £16.50

Chanel Ebloui Eye Illusion D'Ombre: £24.00

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara: £6.99

Avon Soft Kohl Eyeliner £2.00 (eBay)

Mac Stripdown Lipliner £4.50 (eBay)

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lipgloss £6.50 (eBay)

Total::: £118.99

This was quite worrying for me as this is just my day to day makeup I would be even more worried compiling my night time makeup's not all designer brands I've got some drugstore brands as well.  I couldn't compromise on the foundation as your base has to be as best as you can get it.  And after all without this "Face" I wouldn't feel like me!!

Thanks Jess xx

Lots of love

Laura xx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently nominated for this award by Julie & Ashley from they are two lovelies from the lovely United States Of America Florida to be precise not jealous much!!!   So thank you beauts for the nomination.

How it works:
Display the Versatile Blogger Award Certificate on your blog.
Announce your win
Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Present 15 other Bloggers with the award, then link your nominees in this post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

Post 7 interesting things about yourself:

1. I have moved house over 40 times in my life, that goes with having parents who were in the RAF we were constantly moving!!

2. I love Victoria Beckham, I know she's often heavily criticised for things including her weight, but besides all that she is a force to be reckoned with, ok her singing wasn't up to par but her fashion designing has taken her to another level. Not only that she's always immaculate, personally I'd love to see her a bit dishevelled on time she may be a little more relatable.

3. I have a phobia of bananas I can't even touch them in the supermarket, or peel them and the smell makes me heave.

4. I have four tattoos which I love, hopefully if I live to 80 they will look still like the tattoos do at the moment.

5. I love chocolate, and I think I'm addicted but as yet haven't come across a clinic to help me, so il have to carry on.

6. I'm the most clumsiest person ever, and would fall over a pea, I recently fell face down escalators in new look in full view of everyone.  My pride and knee was so hurt.

7. I have hair boredom syndrome, in that I get so easily bored with my hair, once it kicks in, I'm out buying hair magazines and then will do it that day;;; super impulsive.

My nominees are:


I'm done thank you again to Julie & Ashley.


Laura xxx

Monday, 23 September 2013

Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask

I do write about face masks quite often but I'm not going to apologise for it, I love them and think they are so important. I do face masks more in Autumn/Winter more than anytime as stuck in an overheated office with no air all week kills my skin and then you have the usual frosty cold morning wind howling battering your face.  My skin and face really does NOT like that weather. Plus if you want to invest in good skin when you are older you need to look after it.

One of my special face masks is Elemis Pro-Collagen Mask, this is not one I slather on at the drop of a hat because its my most luxurious one.

The ingredients are a powerful mix including Padina Pavonica, Moringa, And Argan Tree Oil.

To use apply to the face avoiding the eye area and you leave on for 10 minutes.  You rinse off with warm water.  My personal recommendation is to leave on ALL night.  Why not? It's an expensive mask you want to get the best from it.  When you apply it, it sounds cheesy but feels really velvet like to the skin.  The reason I like it is because it works and that's on my blotchy sensitive weird skin.

If you look on the bottle at the picture above you can see a long black line, basically it's a gage to tell you how much you have left in the bottle and you can see mines nearly at the top so I'm slightly panicking to be honest.  I've used it for a while and it does last but I don't use it twice a week like Elemis recommend I use it when my skin really really needs it, like this time of year.

What do you use when your skin needs a boost.


Lots of love

Laura xxx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

What I'm Up To Today::: Lifeguard Competition

I've scheduled my first ever post so hopefully will all go as planned and you will be reading it when I think you should be.
I will be over the beach and no not having a nice little stroll not even that glamorous I will watching my little ones doing a lifeguard competition.
Still sound nice well it is really but not when it's windy and I'm getting battered by the rain.  Plus I don't tend to wear mega casual wear and wouldn't be seen dead in surf shorts or that kind of wear, I love it on other people just not me.
All the mums are and look mega sporty and there's me in my slapped back hair and Versace sunglasses and a bit of lip balm (you still have to try)  the mums all laugh at me as I've started to wear  some joggers now. I'm just in awe of all of them they are fitter than fit I walk across the beach and can't breathe.

So through the day the children will compete against lot of other clubs from miles around, theres lots of activities including running and sprinting and sea events.  It's a really fun day and what I love about it, is all the children play together at whatever age.

This was my son in the last competition you can see the determination on his face he takes it seriously.  I love the fact he likes it keeps him fit and burns off all of his energy which he has loads of.

And one of him in the water, he really is a little water baby, I didn't think for one minute he would take to this, he's only eight but when he was little I thought maybe football or rugby you never know but I'm glad he's taken to this.

And there he is at the front one very proud little boy, I can honestly tell you I'm not a pushy pushy mum.  Obviously I'm super proud if he wins because its nice for him, but I don't freak out if he doesn't win, if he doesn't then he doesn't.

If you are wondering where my daughter is, she's always off with her mates down the other end of the beach so a nightmare to get a picture of her.

So hopefully they will do well and that will be my sunday and il pop some pictures on my twitter page of the day and how they do,

Lots of love

Laura xx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Review

I always say about my love of face masks as I feel they are essential as part of any beauty regime. This is my second product from Origins I'm kind of an Origins newbie but I had read some really good reviews on this face mask and I loved fact you leave it on overnight so I ordered it.

I've got the 50ml size and after thoroughly cleansing my face and getting all my makeup off I squeezed some of the mask into my palm and then rubbed it into my face. It does soak in quite quick so I applied another lighter layer on.  It feels a tiny bit tacky then so I didn't go straight to bed because I didn't like the idea of my face being stuck to the pillow.  But if you give it half and hour or so it should be fine.

Smell wise the mask smells really fruity this may be because it contains rosé, bitter orange, flower oil, apricot oil, black currant seed oil, and a lot more too many to list and you can smell the fruit when the mask is on your face, I wasn't sure about the smell at first but it goes soon anyway.  It's not horrible it's just different. Maybe it was to late in the night for me to be appreciating fruit smells.

The mask has a lovely creamy texture and is nice to put on your face.
So what happened in the morning, well I went straight to the mirror after I had come round after getting out of bed, and my skin looked plumped up glowing and like I had slept for 10 hours when I had slept for about 6.  So in terms of mask buying this in my opinion is a holy grail.  My skin is quite sensitive and can be quite oily. But in the colder months my skin can look really dry and dehydrated so this mask would be great for a pick up.

What's your holy grail in mask terms?

Laura xxx


Friday, 20 September 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Review In No. 9

I'm normally a full on gloss girl so I wasn't sure at first when I bought this lipstick how I would feel about it but because they are described as "shine" I bought one.

The YSL lipstick I bought is number: 9.  And is called Nude in Private (woo hoo cheeky) there are nineteen different shades and next on my list are number: 03 Violet Incognito and 19: Fuchsia in Rage and probably another ten of them.

So back to mine:

Initially it's a packaging thing you have to admit its so beautiful a gold case with the YSL logo incased in the middle, I would be seriously cheesed off if the lipstick disappointed me.

And there's the colour in my very humble opinion it's absolutely stunning and I think a colour most people would like and suit.  A very understated nude pink brown if that makes sense.

Sorry about the miserable face, I'm not miserable you feel like a right geek taking pics of yourself, I also need to delete all of the ones like this off my phone, but I do think the shade is really nice. My verdict is the lipstick is really lovely.  It feels really moisturising when you apply on your lips and you do get a bit of a plumped up feeling, the shine is nice it's not too much just a subtle shine.  Doesn't crease on your lips and is very hydrating.
The only put off a whopping £24.00 so it's a very luxurious treat, only you can make the judgement as to whether you could justify spending that much on a lipstick.  But they are lovely and next payday I'm getting another one.


Thanks for reading

Laura xxx

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Origins GinZing Moisturizer Review

I've never bought anything from Origins before so this has been my first purchase.  I was intrigued by this moisturiser as I had heard good things about it, the concept of it boosting lacklustre skin really appealed to me.

The Origins concept for this moisturiser are plant extracted products such as panax ginseng and coffee beans.  So with all good things coming out about it I bought it.

So I've used it morning and evening now, I love the smell it smells fresh and "ZIngy" and the texture is very light.
The cream absorbs into the skin quickly and I do feel like it gives you some instant hydration and has left my skin looking quite glowing.  My personal thought are I may use this one up and I will repurchase again for the summer months as I prefer a heavier moisturiser for the winter months...your skin gets battered by strong winds, rain, and affects of central heating so it takes more effort to look after.

This is a lovely moisturiser though but as its a gel like texture it may not be enough for drier skin types and be more suited for a normal skin.

What's your favourite moisturiser?



Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Clay Spray Glow Red Clay Masque

I love face masques and I've mentioned this one before but thought I would do a little review of it as I've been using it for a little while now. It's from CLAYSPRAY and I chose the GLOW one which has mineral rich red clay in.

Clayspray as a brand use natural sourced mineral clay for their products and there are several different masques available suited for different skin types.

The one I chose has spring water in and cacao,  it's easy to use, you can either spritz your face with the mineral hydrate h20 spray you get if you purchase any of the Clayspray masques from FEELUNIQUE. you get this free.  If you haven't got the hydrate spray you can just wet your face. You squeeze a little into your palm and then rub into your face avoiding the eye area.  You leave this to dry, so it goes from rich and chocolatey to dry and obviously masque like.  I've photographed the process to show you how it looks when it's in it drying process.  To get if off you simply rinse with lukewarm water.  I normally do this when I have a bath as I think the steam helps the masque soak into your skin better.  Plus it's easier to wash off in the bath.  The water looks like something from Charlie and the Chocolate factory once it's rinsed off.
The results are a really clean looking face and does give you a nice natural looking glow I really like it.

And final one all dry::::

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Love Affair With "Next"

Yes I am showing you a picture of my bedroom this time of year I love closing the curtains getting into bed watching tv its the cosiest thing ever. I really like my bedroom it might not be to everyone's taste but I love it.  I got nearly everything from NEXT, I am a bit addicted to Next I like it because most things seem to match well together and they all co ordinate.

My walls are all white apart from the feature on which is a Dulux one called TEAL TENSION I love it.  I've got loads of fluffy cushions on my bed to which basically are just there for the pretty factor they have no function as they look nice.  My bedding is clearly teal to and again from NEXT I used to iron it every time I put it on the bed but I soon wished up to that am I mad? The material is a bit weird so it took me hours so I knocked that on the head.

And yes I am mad but that's a tiny pic of my lovely sparkle rug it's so soft I could probably sleep on there if I wanted to its so comfortable.  I've got this at the foot of my bed as I think it sets the room off and breaks up the light carpet.  I've got little silver accessories dotted round and my forever present YankeeCandles.

My massive mirror on the feature wall is one of my favourite things in the room from NEXT as well it looks like it would be heavy but it's actually really light.

So there you go my love of NEXT

I'm not affiliated with Next in any way I just really love there homeware and all items were bought by myself.

Have you got a favourite room in your home?


Lots of love

Laura xx

Monday, 16 September 2013

Beauty & Hair Basics Over The Years Good & Bad

Interesting title or not? I suppose only having a read will you decide but I thought as I'm blogging the whole of September I would throw a few things in the mix to break it up and not only that we can always relate to some personal things. I previously written about my past in which I had spoken about  bullying and now I'm going to talk a bit about confidence. Growing up I had none due to how I had been brought up plus one of my parents strong religious beliefs, plus not being allowed to express who I was as a teenager right up to age 18 and not being allowed to wear makeup, I actually used to hide makeup in a box in a lane by my house and grab it on my way out and stick my Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick on so at age 19 I basically "ran away" even though I was old enough to leave of my own accord. The first thing I did was grow my hair as it was cut like a boys.

So I began to have my style evolution then over my later years when most people are doing it in their teens. This was my list of what I thought was right.

1. I had to bleach my hair bright blonde (I thought to be pretty you HAD to be blonde) no disrespect to anyone who's not or to anyone who is now.  So I had bob length WHITE hair but looking back now it was probably yellow.

2.  I had to go out with the shortest dress on you had ever seen in your life, (flaunt it right) and to be then it wasn't show off either legs or cleavage it was both.

3. Cake your face in foundation it doesn't matter what shade as long as you can't see any skin, the oranger the shade the better.  And layer after layer.  (Radioactive my face looked)

4. Blending eyeshadow that was a big no no, I caked on loads of black shadow all over the lids.

5. Eyeliner rules! Well in my case the whole pencil did because I literally used half of one to line my eyes.

6. Wash your makeup off before bedtime, what was that, I think I wiped a wet tissue over my face and wore the makeup the next day.

7. Highlight your face with some blusher, again this was to the extreme I didn't know where to stop and thought more was less.

So what am I getting at?

I'm just showing basically I've made LOADS of mistakes in so many things and as I started later its taking me longer to get myself together. But you only get to see who you are through trying all different looks, whether clothes or makeup hairstyles and skincare. Unless we try different things we won't know what suits us. 

My take on it all now is:  Look after your skin!!! You only get one.... So when people say use sun screen don't think nag nag do it!!!

And wash your make up off every night (goes without saying)

And moisturise every day and night it may take a while finding what skincare suits you, but that's the great thing about us girls/boys for shopping we can go out and most stores offer samples, so get them and try them out.

Your makeup we know that foundation shouldn't be mask like its there to enhance our skin. So if you need to wear it test it on the side of your face at the jawline and check it in natural light to see if you have a good match.

Makeup if you go heavy on the eyes DON'T on the lips.....

Clothes: there's nothing worse than seeing beautiful girls with everything hanging out, it's not a good look and I cringe now (it was me) I mean the everything hanging out. It's so much nicer to be a bit more understated.

I bet your thinking weirdo why have I got the Statue of Liberty on my page well you can guess its in my blog title and its my daughters name, one of the reasons I called her LIBERTY was I liked it, and it means FREEDOM, after years of not being able to me myself when I was free I've became me and I thought that was important in her name.

We are all free to be who we want;;;;

So I'm not saying to have Purple hairs not cool or to experiment with makeup looks isint either I'm just saying for me it's taking me YEARS to get to somewhere I'm happy with I have my own style and I do my makeup for me I like it and I'm confident in me.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Especially Escada Perfume Review

I have really wanted a new perfume for ages and I've literally been trying to spray bottles that I've left  in my bedroom that are virtually empty so I've just been spraying nothing in thin air hoping I would smell nice.  As a lady or man most people are just not happy smelling of shower gel and deodorant but like to smell of aftershave or perfume.  I'm not a fan of body sprays but maybe that's because I haven't found one I liked as yet.
So you know what's its like when your stuck behind a perfume counter loads of pretty bottles and celeb inspired perfumes it's a difficult choice to make.
I usually pop in my local Superdrug on my lunch hour and spray loads of different ones but get back to work and I've forgotten which is which on my wrist.

One I had toyed with was EspeciallyEscada so after spraying it solely on my wrist for weeks I went back and bought it.

It comes in a hot pink box very girly I would say.

In a nice square bottle with a gold topped lid and Escada on the bottle in gold lettering.

So you ask enough of the bottle and the box what does it smell like?

Well the notes in it are pear and musk rose and ylang ylang.. When it's first sprayed it smells quite heavy and I wasn't sure of it.  But truthfully there are very few perfumes I first smell and instantly like the smell has to settle down and become your smell.  Something that smells hideous on you may smell lovely on someone else and vice versa so it's always a good idea to try it on you before buying. But I think everyone knows that, I've done that so many times thought a perfume smells gorgeous on a friend and just bought it, wore it and then smelt of cat pee all day.  Yuck.
But back to the perfume once it settles down the pear and rose smell comes through and smells fresh and pretty.
I think it's more of a summery fragrance but its not going to stop me wearing it.

What's your favourite perfume?


This is available from Superdrug and cost me £32.00

Lots of love

Laura xxx

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Autumnal Nails Essie "Carry On & Opi "Excuse Moi"

I'm really loving nail colours at the moment so there's so many nice colours around and I've got to be honest the Autumnal colours around are making me feel a little bit Christmassy. Although the thought of Christmas is worrying me as I've not bought one thing yet, but I do like all the colours and stuff around, I think your nails being done really makes an outfit pull together and makes you feel girly. Not only that a night out is not complete without a slick of nail polish.

So today I decided on a bit of a change from the neutrals and pastels I've been doing lately and went full on Autumn.

I'm really liking this shade from Essie called "Carry On" it's a rich burgundy brown colour but its nice and warm if that makes sense and its not boring, and I don't think it's going to clash with clothes colours il be wearing this week either so I'm happy with this one. I think this is a nice Autumn one as its kind of reflecting some of the tones and colours I've seen around in the shops now, be nice as a lip colour to.

Sadly I haven't got this colour this is OPI "Excuse Moi" so this is there pic but I'm only using it to show you the colour. I had this put on top of two of my nails in the salon on top of the Essie one just to make it look a bit different.

And here are my nails with the four all in "Carry On" and the one has the carry on but with the
"Excuse Moi" over the top. I thought it looked nice and hope you do to.

Are you loving the Autumn Shades around?

What's your favourite?


Lots of love

Laura xx